2023 BMW 5 Series Spying With Less Camouflage To Reveal Production Cues

Are you worried that BMW will give the eighth generation 5 Series a controversial design as it has done with its newest product? Don’t, because if these spy shots are any indication, the model known internally by the code name “G60” isn’t going to rock the boat in terms of style. Our spies have seen the updated 5er around Germany undergo testing with less camouflage on its production body than before.

It had a combustion engine because a pure electric i5 would have a number plate ending in “E” and a sticker that said “Electric Vehicle” on the doors and rear bumper. By the way, the prototype without ICE was caught by the car paparazzi yesterday. Apart from the powertrain, all 5er models will share a design as the i5 will use the same CLAR platform as the petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid versions.

We get the E60 vibe from this prototype as it seems to look sharper than the previous G30. Traditionalists will be pleased to see the kidney grille isn’t unusually large while the headlights haven’t been split into two separate groups. This is likely a test vehicle using the M Sport Package judging by the red brake calipers and trunk lid spoiler. In fact, we believe the “M” badge is hiding in plain sight on the front fender where there is a small bulge.

The next 5 Series will feature BMW’s new flush door design and you’ll see the Bavarians put on an extra layer of camo to hide Hofmeister kinks. This prototype uses 19-inch alloy wheels with a two-tone finish and has the E60-style swept headlights we mentioned earlier. Peeking through the camo on the rear fender and tailgate are the wide taillights with two bars for a design that looks different from what you’ll find on the Series 3 and Series 7.

It forms into a handsome car and certainly less polarizing than the new 7er. Inside, BMW will revamp the dashboard to accommodate the iDrive 8 with two screens side by side. The larger screen reserved for infotainment will integrate climate control, meaning the center console will be streamlined after removing the traditional knobs and buttons for HVAC.

The more practical Touring Series 5 will arrive a few months after the sedan and it’s widely believed the wagon will get an electric i5 and a high-performance M5 derivative. BMW is also planning a third body style (no, not the eccentric 6 Series Gran Turismo) as it will manufacture and sell the long-wheelbase sedan exclusively in China.

Expect the regular 5 Series Sedan to debut in the first months of 2023 without a V8 engine as rumors say BMW is killing the M550i. Instead, it might do the M560e as a plug-in hybrid with an inline-six. If that’s accurate, the M5 would be the only way to buy an eight-cylinder car.

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