Sea of ​​car theft in Italy, if you have this model they will soon take it away: everyone has it

Car thefts in Italy are on the rise. Unfortunately, they have always been a scourge in the automotive sector, which shows no sign of reductions.

Car thefts
Car theft –

Car thefts have always existed and probably will always be because despite the stringent checks by cameras and even visual recognition of the faces, the thieves have always found the best and smartest way to steal the car in no time without not even attract attention.

Due to the crisis, the number of criminals has increased, they are increasingly aggressive and lurking. With unemployment and the economic crisis, thieves are targeting not only cars but also everything inside. So you must be careful not to leave personal effects inside the vehicle, such as electronics, therefore PCs, tablets, smartphones or bags, backpacks, especially not in places where they are clearly visible for example on the seats.

Auto theft here’s what you need to pay attention to in order not to fall into the trap of thieves

For example, alloy wheels, large 18-inch or even larger ones attract the attention of thieves. These can also cost you thousands of euros on the black market, that’s why suddenly during the night the car risks being without a catalyst or directly without wheels. Not only is it undriveable on impact, but it also requires a very high expense to restore. It takes years and years of sacrifice to buy a car that is new or used, it doesn’t matter. But it takes a few minutes for a thief to take it away, in this regard the data is alarming.

Some types of cars are coveted because it takes them to disassemble them really a few seconds. They are also resold as spare parts. In particular, we are talking about the spare parts that cost more or more in demand. It is no coincidence that thieves have favorite cars.

The most sought-after car is not an imported sports car, nor a super stylish and expensive one. It is simply the Fiat Panda. A small utility car that has undergone various aesthetic and mechanical restylings over the years, loved by all in fact even the defects are appreciated as if they were strengths. The 4 × 4 has become an object of worship, it also goes up where off-road vehicles feel fatigue.

Following is the Fiat 500, then the Fiat Punto and finally the Lancia Y. All Italian small cars, very popular and which therefore offer an important business opportunity in the field of recycling all spare parts.

Car thefts

Aftermarket parts that are not new, that’s what they are and what to watch out for

If being repaired, the mechanic should propose “not new aftermarket parts”the advice is to always refuse because it is very likely that they are stolen spare parts.

Needless to say, historic cars are also objects of desire for thieves. So if you have a garage it is advisable to keep this type of car inside, defined as valuable and highly sought after.

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