Miata Driver Gives Zero Care As He Braves Snowstorm Without A Roof


A blizzard is probably the worst weather condition a person has ever been through. The snow-covered roads are slippery and the uncomfortable feeling of freezing temperatures is not very ideal for drivers to cross. We’ve seen several accidents involving motor vehicles during previous blizzards and we tell you, they’re not great.

Therefore, the public is advised to stay at home during these dangerous weather conditions. And if you must, there are some recommended precautions, including wearing winter tires, staying within the speed limit, or at least having a roof to protect you from the elements.

But not with this Mazda MX-5 driver, seen sliding down the east side of Route 2 in Templeton, Massachusetts at 8:00 local time. In fact, this driver didn’t care, he decided to go through the blizzard with the roof down. According to reports, a foot of snow is expected in the area.

If the question is “which car will the craziest driver drive in 2021?” then yes, Miata is always the answer.

As seen in the video, courtesy of Trent Spinney and CBS Boston, the roadster cruises leisurely down the highway with all the snow and other elements fit into the two-seater cabin. You’ll also notice that he’s fishing, which is a painful sight to behold. This could mean that he just keeps on fighting even in a precarious situation.

To be fair, we’re not sure what this driver had in mind or what his situation was during this ordeal. Maybe the roof mechanism isn’t working or maybe he’s on his way to a more urgent emergency.

One thing is for sure – wherever he goes, his situation is more important than his own safety and the survival of his car. However, in the name of safety, please do not attempt this stunt for any reason.


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