Couple Goes Full-Time Nomad With A Tiny Home Built On A School Bus


Chris and Brandy lead a fairly normal life in Indiana. They have full time jobs and homes with fences and backyards. But after decades of doing the same thing as clockwork, the couple grew tired of their full-time job. They lack free time so they have to find ways to travel more.

It was then that they decided to become full-time travelers by motorbike, and their choice was Senorbussenstien – couple ode to their favorite TV show, Office.

Formerly a school bus, this 37-foot-long Amtran International is powered by the DT466E, chosen by this couple for its reliability. Because they wanted the motorhome to feel more like home, the two spent 600 hours building and up to $45,000 to convert the school bus into its current form. The conversion involved a 15-inch roof rise for higher ceilings to accommodate Chris’ seven-foot height.

What’s impressive about this motor home is how comfortable it looks inside. As a self-conversion project, Chris & Brandy have all the autonomy on how they can use the large space that the bus has to offer. Even the cabinets are handcrafted by Chris himself, which shows that he is a craftsman himself.

The absence of overhead storage gives it a roomy feeling, plus the finish is what you would normally expect from a non-rolling house. There are 11 windows (9 RV windows and 2 skylights) for enough natural light to enter. There is a queen size futton bed in the living room which they use as a sofa, while the floor size of the shower area is not too narrow. like any other motorhome you will see out there.

Of course, mandatory in-house storage rolls over, and you’re betting that this chunk of vehicle has a lot of stuff. Apart from external storage, Senorbussenstien has plenty of storage space under the bed, which has an access door at the back.

The bus also holds 75 gallons of water and 60 gallons of diesel, while there is a dedicated port for water supply. Power comes from four solar panels, to ensure that the solar panels are always on wherever they go.

You can follow a couple’s journey with Senorbussenstientheir two cats and a dog, and their Ram 1500 tow vehicle through Instagram.


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