Goodbye to snow chains, from now on you will use “snow socks”: this is how they are made

The official decree will soon be released which will approve the use of snow socks to replace traditional chains. After more than 20 years from the invention of this product, even in our country we will finally see this change. But what is known about it? Here are all the details on the concession of the Mims and on the characteristics of these snow socks!

Snow socks
Snow socks –

Tired of having to waste time fitting snow chains? In some time it will finally be possible to use in their place devices invented more than 20 years ago, but never used in Italy. We refer to snow socks! Here are all the details on this historic change!

Anyone who does not mount winter tires is obliged to have approved snow chains in the boot. But not everyone is able to mount them as needed. In some time, however, anyone will be able to equip themselves at their best in case of adversity! In fact, theand snow socks will soon be able to be used in Italy! But what are they?

They are gods practical covers – most of them made of polyester – which allow you to cover the rubber and guarantee excellent performance in the snow. In addition, they have the advantage of being very easy to assemble – unlike chains. But that’s not all. Indeed, they make much less noise and emit less vibrations than chains, also ruining the rubber less! Simple assembly and absolutely safe driving.

But when can they be used? The go-ahead from the Ministry is already there, but the decree is still missing! Here are all the details on this story!

Snow socks: that’s when we will be able to see this new device in our country!

The snow socks are mainly produced by the Norwegian factory ‘Autosock’who created the product in the early 2000s! Many European and world states have already adopted this use for some time. We refer – among the many nations – to Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, the United States, China, Japan and many more!

Snow socks
Soon we will see snow socks also in Italy: there is, in fact, the go-ahead from the Ministry – Motori.News

The situation, however, will soon change also in Italy. Finally, in fact, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility has approved the use of these accessories as an alternative to snow chains. The decree has not yet been issued, but it will soon be done, in order to replace and update the last one carried out on the matter back in 2011!

Pasquale D’Anzi, director general of the civil motorization, released these statements to ‘Quattroruote’regarding the ‘future’ of snow socks and the green light given by the Ministry: “Mims has recognized the need to adapt the provisions of the 2011 decree to the progress and evolution of technology and has prepared a draft ministerial decree that recognizes the UNI EN 16662-1: 2020 standard as the reference standard for the certification of DSA “.

D’Anzi continued: “The new ministerial decree can only be adopted at the end of the notification period of the same to the European Commission, established on January 2, 2023. However, since this is a technical standard of European significance, it is already considered possible, pending the publication of the Ministerial Decree, to use devices that comply with the aforementioned standard “.

Snow socks
Snow socks – Motori.News

Practically, although the decree will be made official only in the first months of 2023, it will already be possible to adopt snow socks starting from next November 15th, as there is already European approval!

In order to be used, these snow socks must have all the safety, reliability and performance requirements! In practice they will have to conform to the European rule EN 16662-1: 2020! The wait is over: soon the snow socks will be able to be used on Italian roads to replace the less practical snow chains!

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