MotoGP, Luca Marini in the crosshairs: one last GP to avoid humiliation

Valencia GP important for Luca Marini. Valentino Rossi’s brother must avoid an embarrassing situation.

Luca Marini in Valencia can’t go wrong – MotoriNews

It’s time to balance sheets seasonal, given that by now the intense world season is at the end. There is a final round, a Valencia GP decisive not only from a global perspective. Of the many pilots present in MotoGPeveryone has their own objective to be reached at the end of the championship. One of these is undoubtedly Luca Marininow nearing the end of his second year in premier class with Ducati and VR46 colors. On the horizon, a result that he must try to achieve if he wants to close 2022 in the best possible way. More precisely, without having finished the season in a situation embarrassing

“Downgraded” for 2023

To be son or brother of someone important inevitably leads to criticism from the ‘keyboard lions’. By now everyone has learned to let gossips slip over them, aiming for results on the track. Which also had to do the little brother of Valentino Rossi but, looking to 2022, probably more was expected. After a year of apprenticeship in MotoGP, Luca Marini had available the Desmosedici GP22, or the plus version evolved, like the official drivers and Pramac. But the expected step forward was not there, so Ducati had to make its own calculations. For next season, only the guys from the factory team and Pramac will have the GP23, for the other guys from satellite team there is the GP22. Luca Marini understood then, but perhaps he is a benefitsince he will have the same vehicle for two years.

Marini vs Bezzecchi

The “great threat”However it is right on the other side of the VR46 box. The fresh Newcomer of the Year who in this 2022 has already sent strong signals. Marco Bezzecchi in fact he started his apprenticeship process calmly, but the results are already sensational. There is still a GP to go, but the rookie hedgehog in MotoGP has already won a first podium category! Not on any track, but at the University or Cathedral of two wheels, the difficult one TT Circuit Assen. Luca Marini, on the other hand, has not yet reached that first podium, despite being the second year in MotoGP. Indeed, he must also look over his shoulder: in the world championship standings, Marini precedes Bezzecchi only by 5 points! The rookie now close of the most experienced driver: in Valencia, Rossi’s brother will have to come up with something more to avoid this unpleasant ending. There has been a renewal in VR46, but in 2023 we really need the step forward. Bezzecchi will certainly not stand by and watch …

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