goodbye to diesel and petrol?

One of the most awaited news is about to arrive, especially from those who love nature and aim at respecting the environment that surrounds us.

euro7 engine
euro7 engine – Motori.News

The news has to do with the new Euro 7 engines. Today the definitive version of the new zero polluting emission cars was presented.

After so many postponements, the supranational body has finally found the agreement it has allowed to define new rules that all car and heavy vehicle manufacturers will have to start respecting to market vehicles with internal combustion engines.

According to the first news there will be very strict anti-pollution regulations with the aim of limiting the emission of gases harmful and polluting in the atmosphere. We are finally saying no to carbon monoxide. Euro 7 will soon replace the Euro 6 which has entered into force since 2014. The new rules have been defined and will soon go to limit emissions from endothermic and polluting vehicles throughout Italy and beyond.

What will happen in the next few years

Euro 7 will replace Euro 6 starting from 2035, the date by which the stop to the sale of all endothermic models will occur, even if it is rumored that this stop could come even earlier.

Many car manufacturers have kicked off major investments in order to be able to develop new cars in compliance with the regulations of the future and put them on the market right now. So you will only be able to see zero-emission cars around, all breathing cleaner air and lots of oxygen.

In particular Stellantis in recent days he announced that soon all of his diesel and petrol engines they will be replaced in order to be fully compliant by 2027.

The proposal put forward in Europe in favor of the Euro 7 in advance

In Europe, a proposal has been made for prohibit in recent years, or in advance, the sale of non-electric vehicles. At the moment this initiative has not received binding approval and at least for now it cannot be turned into law. In any case, the proposal has already carried out its first round of consultations, so the possibility that we could find ourselves dealing with sensational news in the coming weeks.

Euro 7 engine –

Certainly the new rules won’t go into effect until 2025, however it goes they will certainly be active from 2026 or 2027. For the moment it is necessary to evaluate how convenient these innovations are not only for users but also for companies. However, the change cannot be stopped.

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