If you do this on your car you risk a € 7,000 fine: never do it

Cars must comply with certain rules regarding safety devices, component elements and connectable accessories.

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These rules are governed by various articles of the highway code. For example, the sirens and flashing lights used by police, ambulances, forestry authorities, etc., cannot be installed by anyone and must be authorized.

In particular, in this article we will examine how to regulate the licenses for transport in the square, including taxis, shuttle buses and private transport with driver. This sector is regulated byarticle 86 of the highway codealso known as “square service with cars with driver and taxi”.

What does Article 86 say

1. I square services carried out by cars with driver and taxis are regulated by specific legislation that regulates the sector.

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2. Anyone who uses a vehicle as a street service with driver or taxi without having obtained the license referred to in article 8 of law no. 21, is subject to an administrative sanction of the payment of a sum from 1,816 euros to 7,264 euros. Violations involve the confiscation of the vehicle and the simultaneous administrative sanction of the suspension of the driving license for a period of 4 to 12 months.

If the same person commits two or more offenses in a three-year period, he will eventually be subject to the ancillary sanction of revoking his driving license. The same penalties also apply to the person whose license has been suspended or revoked.

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What is the square service with driver?

The square service with driver is a service provided by taxis. In particular, taxis are a non-scheduled public transport service for people, as they do not have to follow a fixed route, with stops and timetables (while buses, the public service of your city, are scheduled services as follow a fixed route and have predefined stops and times).

The law then defines the square services with vehicle with driver also as mandatory services: when calling a taxi, the taxi driver cannot refuse to provide the service and is obliged to accept the request.

The penalties for driving a car in charge of private transport or an unlicensed taxi

So, based on the aforementioned article, it was established that driving such means of transport without a license is subject to very heavy administrative penaltiesboth in terms of fines and ancillary penalties for confiscation of the vehicle and suspension of the license.

However, it is also dangerous if a taxi driver with a license drives a taxi without complying with the conditions of its license. An immediate example is where a licensed taxi driver carries out his profession carrying paying passengers in another vehicle that is not in use and not configured according to current legislation.

In this case, there is a risk of an administrative penalty ranging from 86 to 339 euros.

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