if you are not careful about this you will get a fine of 10,000 euros

Sometimes you have to make a choice: buy a new car or a used car. To buy a new car it really takes a lot of money, which is why most Italians, especially in times of crisis, fall back on used cars, spending much less at first glance.

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used cars fines of 10 thousand euros – Motori.news

In these situations, however, you have to open your eyes and pay attention to the purchase you make, because for buy a used or actually stolen car, it takes very little.

Suffice it to say that thousands of stolen cars end up in our country every year. These are then resold with false documents or at most modified. The unsuspecting buyers buy cars by blindly trusting dealersonly to find himself in trouble after some time.

How to understand if it is a car in order or a stolen vehicle

This is why we must make sure that we only buy with intelligence and cunning. According to the agents in 2021 more than one hundred thousand cars disappeared throughout Italy, the means have been reported by their respective owners, the machines, however, have never been found.

To avoid buying a stolen car, you have to protect yourself and be careful from the first moment. So the first thing to do is not to blindly trust those you don’t know well. So when buying a used car, first of all you must always turn to trusted people, better if they are known. Then ask for example the origin of the car, as much information as possible and finally if it is possible it is better to have the original documents of the vehicle in hand to verify everything.

If you choose to buy online, it is advisable to rely on well-known and advertised sites such as AutoScout24 or Silodrome. If in spite of everything, you should have doubts, it is advisable to contact the police, giving them the documents or providing data on the car they are interested in, to find out if it is a stolen car or not. This way you can prevent the problem in the bud and not later.

used cars-Motori.news

What are the risks if you even unknowingly buy a stolen car

According to article 712, those who buy a used car must first investigate the origin of the asset to avoid having much more important problems later, finding themselves inside a beautiful scam.

What you risk is not only spending money on something that is not what you believe, but also from 2 to 8 years in prison for receiving stolen goods and a fine ranging from 500 euros to € 10,000 for having made a careless purchase.

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