Here’s what really happens when you double-park: nobody knows yet

Many of us have the habit of parking in double lines when there is no free space and when we have neither the desire nor the time to go in search of the perfect parking space.

double row parking
Double row parking –

The parking ban causes hundreds of thousands of penalties every day. Not respecting the law are all the impatient citizens who, rather than looking for a parking space, choose to leave the car in a double row, near the level crossings, in the tunnels, under the arcades, on the bumps, in the curves, in short, a little everywhere.

But we must understand that as trivial as it may seem, double-row parking, even if only for a few minutes it can cause quite a few problems. For example, double-row parking can cause inconvenience to cars that are blocked from your vehicle. In this case, in fact, the user who suffers the damage has the right, but also the duty, to contact the police to restore order.

Where you can and cannot park on the street

In general, it is not possible to park even next to road signs, both vertical and traffic lights, preventing them from being seen. This information is known to few and those who know it consciously choose not to respect it.

The rules of the highway code are constantly updated, for this reason, even after having obtained the license, you should always inquire so as not to be left behind. If today it is possible to travel safely, or almost, on the Italian roads, it is only thanks to the rules of the highway code that try to regulate everything.

If there were no these rules, in fact, every user would do what they want, the result would be a complete disaster. Go out on foot, by car or motorbike it would be really dangerous at any time of the day or night.


How much is a fine for a two-wheeled vehicle or a car

That said, just in case the citizen does not comply with certain rulesstarting from the rule that prohibits double-row parking or where there is a ban on parking, the police are called to make fines, which are in any case quite high in amount.

Fines can range from € 41 to € 345 in the most serious cases. Going into detail, those who violate the provisions and have a moped, are forced to pay from € 41 to € 168. On the other hand, those who have a car and park in a double row, have the obligation to pay fines ranging from € 87 to 345. The cost obviously changes if it is a repeat offense or if a novice driver does not respect the law.

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