the secret function that everyone in the car ignores

When buying a new car, many people do not find it necessary to revise the owner’s manual. However, the latter contains important instructions on the procedure for use. Check out the ‘hidden’ glove box option that few car owners are familiar with.

The secret functionality of the glove compartment
The secret functionality of the glove compartment – Motori.News

Often referred to as just another compartment in a vehicle, the “Glove Box“, Which we know as a compartment, or drawer, glove box, is much more. Technically, it is a sealed or unsealed drawer in an automobile that is now primarily used for storing essential items such as documents, groceries, an extra pair of glasses and much more.

But historically speaking, the glove box was initially designed to be a place used to store gloves.

The history of the glove compartment

The car at the end of the XVII and XVIII century had no roof. Even when the roofs were added, there were still no windows. And when they added the windows, there was still no air conditioning or heating. So driving a car wasn’t as comfortable then as it is now.

The secret functionality of the glove box –

With so much wind and the low temperatures of the winter seasons, a good pair of gloves was quite necessary to overcome the cold. And to keep the gloves stored away dry and safe, they needed to be stored in a compartment that could stay completely dry from splashes, rain and humidity.

Thus was born the first storage compartment on board the Packard and it is from this that it takes the name in English of “Glove Box”.

The main function of the glove box

Most motorists are 100% sure they know the reason for its presence in the car and why they need it. This part of the vehicle is called the glove box. It follows that the main purpose of the glove box is to carry small things, such as documents, cosmetics or all kinds of small objects.

But this is not just a place where you can put everything useful and small things. Many people don’t know this, but in most cars the glove box has one “secret” function very interesting, which is often ignored even by those who know it. This option will be useful in the hottest months of the year, especially on long trips.

Storage compartment –

The secret function

Today, if you sit in any car and open the glove box, you will surely find documents, car documents, or other small items such as banknotes, cosmetics, etc.

But there is a trick whose usefulness is quite practical and indispensable for those who know it. You will be able to use it, especially during the hottest months of the year, especially during a long drive.

Not everyone knows it yet, but this part of the car was not designed just to put all kinds of objects in it that we want to keep close, its other usefulness is much more essential than you think.

You indeed have the option of turn your glove box into a refrigerator. Yes, it may seem a little strange at first, but thanks to a small tool that is inside this compartment, you can perfectly store water and drinks to keep them cool. Something very useful for when you are on the go.

Storage compartment transformed into a refrigerator –

How to turn your glove compartment into a refrigerator?

You must first check if this option is available in your vehicle, because it does not exist in all models, especially old ones.

To find out if you can use your glove box as a refrigerator, check if there is some sort of switch that looks like a button or knob (depending on the vehicle model), because it is through this switch that the cold air from the air conditioner circulates in the duct and reaches the glovebox. If so, then you can have a glove compartment with air conditioning.

Button or knob in the glove compartment –

How to activate this function

You must first turn on the air conditioning of your car, then direct the cold air into the glove box. To do this, simply turn the knob located in its lower part.

You can put your favorite drink in it and wait a few minutes for it to cool before consuming it. You can also safely transport foods that tend to spoil to their destination.

You will never again see your glove compartment as a simple glove box and thanks to this feature you will no longer have to stop in rest areas to buy water or cold drinks.

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