This Is What The Road-Going Volkswagen ID.2 X Might Look Like


Electric mobility is one of the automotive buzzwords these days, and Volkswagen is keen to expand its range of electric models. Germany’s largest automaker currently has about ten battery-electric vehicles available worldwide. Some of them are the ID.3 hatchback, the ID.4 crossover, the ID.5 coupe crossover, and the three-row ID.6. Recently, Volkswagen revealed the specifications for the upcoming ID.Buzz van.

Volkswagen is also planning a low-cost subcompact EV dubbed the ID.2. It will have a target price of around 20,000 Euros or about $22,500 at the current exchange rate. The ID.2 will also have two versions, the Urban and the X. The Urban will likely be something similar to the electric Polo, while the X may be heavily inspired by the ID.Life concept that was shown late last year.

With that in mind, this is our take on the ID.2 X. Our colleagues from Italia predict the crossover EV will hit production in 2026. They add that its launch may be a year after the ID.2 urban model. For our render, we stripped the ID.Life show car embellishment and made it look a little more conventional.

The headlight panels likely won’t reach production, so we replaced them with a pair of headlights and a black grille plate up front. We also added some channels and inlets on the bumper because the show car has no openings. Since the ID.2 X was aimed at people on a budget, the side view camera and pop-out doorknob were unlikely to reach production due to cost. We’ve also placed a fixed roof in this render instead of the retractable top of the car.

The ID.2 X will use the MEB platform underpinning several Volkswagen Auto Group electric vehicles. The concept vehicle uses a 62 kWh battery plus a single front motor that produces 231 horsepower (172 kilowatts) and 214 pound-feet (290 Nm) of torque. Volkswagen also claims a range of up to 249 miles (401 kilometers). Of course, that may change for the production model, and it may have a different battery pack like other Volkswagen ID models.


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