with this license you can no longer drive your vehicle

The greatest dream of the very young is to turn 18, get a driver’s license and drive the car that only their parents have driven for years. But you have to be careful what you do because not all vehicles can be driven.

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Having a license and driving a car is certainly a great satisfaction because you have a vehicle for yourself, to share with your closest friends. Not everyone considers that it is not enough to have a car and driving license to have total freedom.

There are some cars that cannot circulate freely if a novice driver is driving. The law does not admit ignorance, so it is good to inquire first if you don’t want to pay major consequenceswhich sooner or later arrive even when you least expect it.

What the highway code provides for cars and driving for new drivers

The Traffic Laws provides limitations have to do with certain categories or with new drivers, therefore those who have taken the license from a very short time. It is useless to hope or to say the opposite, they cannot access any vehicle on the road. Those who do so risk getting a severe penalty.

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Novice drivers must respect certain limits on the speed and power of the vehicles. For them, being that they are inexperienced there are even more stringent rules. For example the value of the BACmust be kept at zero, which means that the novice driver cannot drink even a drop of beer.

Article 117, paragraph 2-bis of the highway code, says that holders of category B driving licenses, for the entire duration of the first year of driving license, cannot drive vehicles of a specific power, therefore vehicles that have tare over 55 kW / t. For M1 vehicles, the maximum power limit of 70 kW applies.


Here’s what new drivers risk

If a novice driver is stopped by the police and subjected to control, being driving a car that is too powerful, with values ​​higher than those allowed, he risks receiving a fine from 165 to 661 euros, as well as the license suspension for a period of time ranging from 2 to 8 months and the seizure of the vehicle.

On the other hand, if the new driver is involved in an accident while driving an unsuitable car, whoever has suffered the damage caused by him is compensated by the insurance. If it is he who has suffered damage, he runs the risk of not receiving compensation either for the vehicle or for himself.

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