The new trick of the sticker on the license plate is becoming popular, that’s what it’s for: incredible

There is a new trick that Italian and non-Italian motorists have adopted to try to save a lot of money while committing continuous infringements.

scotch license plate
scotch on the license plate –

In 2006, with the arrival of speed cameras, the method of searching for roads spread alternatives to evade speed cameras.

By increasing the number of both fixed and mobile workstations, this trick has no longer been useful, then expenses have increased and consequently also the need to find valid tricks in step with the times, through which to evade the system of fines to save money where and when you can.

The sticker trick to evade speed cameras and controls

Many motorists do not take into account the fact that if you get caught rather than paying a € 100 or € 200 fine, you can face criminal prosecution. The easiest method, which has always been used, is that of black scotch tape, which is applied over the letters and numbers by modifying the license plate, sometimes even with extreme effectiveness.

Then there are also those who forget a rag out of the hood and that in this “completely random” way covers the license plate. Then there are those who make the plate illegible with a spray that is sprayed directly on the letters and numbers. In short, it seems to understand that the tricks to avoid fines are many. Those who have never adopted them ask themselves: are they really effective? The answer is no.

The case broke out in Italy following police checks

The example of a motorist is given in Italy which was discovered by a soldier because his car was not associated with him. In fact, the man had modified the letters on the license plate with adhesive tape, transforming a J into a U. After careful checks, the carabinieri were able to trace the real owner of the vehicle. The police asked him questions. It was then himself who confirmed and confessed that he had changed the license plate to escape the speed camera fines and more.

A fine of € 2000 was immediately issued for him with the withdrawal of the license plate and the stop of the car for three months. Following this and many other similar episodes, the carabinieri companies have put in place some preventive checks in the areas most at risk of Italy, focusing on parked cars. Thus, various anomalies were found, stolen cars with cloned or modified license plates were found. Apparently in Italy there are many tricks to evade the law.

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