Headrest, do you know what its real function is? Not even the most experienced know

The headrest is an object present in all cars. Although many think it is a piece of equipment dedicated to comfort, this is not quite the case. Find out why it’s an important part of your guide instead.

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Many think that car headrests only serve to provide comfort while driving. However, they are an important element that cannot be overlooked.

Car head restraints are of fundamental importance to guarantee the driver a correct driving position. However, this part of the vehicle is not just about comfort. In addition to seat belts and airbags, head restraints are an essential safety system. But have you ever wondered why the headrest on cars is removable?

The car headrest: what is it for?

Many people have a lot of questions about the usefulness of head restraints. What are they doing? Do they just allow us to rest our heads for long journeys or can they offer some security? Headrests play a surprisingly important role. And that’s something every motorist should know.

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Headrests can also be used as pillows to take a nap by car, but their real usefulness is there safety, and not comfort. In addition to protecting the head and neck in the event of an accident, they have another important function.

If you find yourself in acar submerged by water, your first instinct should be to try to open the window or door in the first few seconds of contact with water. Unfortunately, if you wait longer, the water pressure will make it impossible to open the car door and the now ubiquitous power windows will likely short out.

Sure, you could wait for the pressure to equalize on both sides of the car, but this usually happens after the car fills with water and hits the bottom of the spot where you’re sinking. When it might be too late now.

You might resort to kicking or punching the window. But that’s a bad idea, because you would be consuming too much energy and oxygen.

Here is where head restraints can help us, not only prevent serious neck injuries, but can also help save your life when your car is sinking in the water, because it can break glass using the metal fittings that connect the headrest to the seat frame.

So if you ever find yourself in this dire situation, don’t panic and just remember your headrest – it could save your neck in all ways.

Car headrest – Motori.news

An object that saves you

The good thing about this life-saving procedure is that it doesn’t require a lot of physical strength and can be used in the event of an accident.

Before 60’s, head restraints were available as an option in automobiles. They were commonly installed as a comfort element in luxury cars.

However, in 1969, headrests became a standard safety norm, as it was proven that they prevent 5-10% of injuries. That’s why every car needs this equipment, because they can save lives.

The head restraints must be positioned correctly

What you need to know about car headrests is how place them correctly. Otherwise, more serious injuries can occur. The top of the headrest must be at the same height as the top of the head. And the head has to touch the headrest.

If the direct contact of the nape with the headrest is felt uncomfortably, the distance from the headrest must be reduced to the minimum possible. In fact, the smaller the distance between the headrest and the head, the more there is stress on the cervical vertebrae in the event of a collision.

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