Be careful when you take your car back, if you have this under the counter call the police immediately

Scams are always around the corner, so you must always be attentive to every detail in your machine, in order not to fall into a trap that can have serious consequences.

Attention machine
Attention machine –

The criminals come up with a lot of ways to carry out incredible, completely unexpected thefts.

For example, they may plan to steal the caror the objects present inside it, with a very simple system, which few have managed to find in time.

The technological scam that leverages the car’s GPS

The scam of this period, indeed of the last few years, it is truly modern and technological. The criminals take advantage of the use of a magnetic GPS locator, which is hooked to the car, in a hidden point, so that they can be guided to where the car was parked to have plenty of time to act.

Generally, criminals prefer to act at night, when the car is probably parked under the house and the owner sleeps like the whole neighborhood. In this case, stealing it is child’s play, because you can act totally undisturbed without attracting attention.

It may happen that the criminals launch the GPS directly from the window of the racing car, perhaps during an overtaking, while driving, just as it can happen that they hook it under the fender while the car is parked at the shopping center or in the supermarket parking lot.

What to do if you think you are a victim of criminals

This is why before getting into the car it is advisable to always pay close attention to every detail and if you realize that there is something strange in the car, act in time. That something could be a locator, which, for example, the elderly would hardly be able to recognize.

In this case, whatever it is, the first thing to do is to remove it and then keep it away from the workplace and home, where it is not dangerous. Second of course it is good to bring photos or proofs directlyif possible, to the police and then file a complaint.

This can help other drivers to prevent them from falling into the same trap. The GPS tracker can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage, generally like all technology. For example, in the case of criminals it is certainly a disadvantage as well as a problem or a danger.

While in the case of careless motorists, it is more than a lifesaver because it comes in handy for example when you no longer remember where the car was parked.

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