Why are the police headlights red and blue? Nobody knows the meaning

The police headlights are of special colors, red and blue are associated almost everywhere. The choice of the two colors was not made by chance, it seems to be an insignificant detail, in reality it is not.

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The use of these special lights indicates that a vehicle belonging to the police is on the way, so you have to be careful and find a free space to stop so as not to be in the way. In the past, projectors were used, these attracted the attention of civilians and all other drivers of cars, motorcycles and public transport.

Then thanks to the development of technology it was possible to implement the lights directly on the car, these they have always been colored red and blueprojected so that they can be seen by everyone from any distance.

The color scheme doesn’t have a specific reason, but here are some theories

Determine why this color scheme has become more than popular it’s really difficult. You cannot refer to the public safety rules, because they change from country to country so they have nothing to do with the choice of colors. At this point, theories about the origin of illumination can simply be worked out.

Some say the red lights they were chosen because they are more visible during the day, while the blue ones are visible at night. As a result, two colors would have been combined that are able to warn drivers at any time of day or night, making traffic less dangerous. As the police cars pass, with the sirens unfurled, any vehicle is obliged to stop. If the beacons are visible then this is not a problem.


Here is what colors are the flashing lights of the police in France and the United States

In the United States, police cars have red lights, this does not flash, it is fixed, also in this case the choice is not random but refers to very specific safety choices. Instead, as regards the color, red was chosen to recall the color of the traffic light. At the sight of the red light in fact motorists stop, consequently they also do so at the sight of the police flashing light.

In France, however, the flashing light is blue. In this case, the reason is very precise, we go back to the times of the Second World War when the Police used blue to avoid attracting the attention of enemies from above. Blue is only visible from the ground.

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