Increase the power of your car in all legality, and also drastically reduce consumption

Having a powerful car is the dream of all motorists, but at the same time they do not even want to go beyond the illegal to fulfill their usual desire.

Car power
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It may be helpful to know that there are some changes, which can be the key to change. If implemented, they allow obtain greater efficiency during accelerationand then again to make quick overtaking, to tow any other vehicle without fatigue and resistance.

Really a higher power engine can allow you to consume less fuel when you drive normally even only in the inhabited center.

First modifications to obtain a high-performance car

To get a more powerful and therefore more performing engine, the first thing to do is switch to a high performance air filter to get much more air and fuel into the engine. This modification allows the air to flow freely in the engine and not encounter obstacles.

Then you can add a cold air intake system which directs cooler air to the engine and lets the hot air out which can become a big problem. Then, you can also bet on a Cat back exhaust system, which gives more power to the car engine and which reduces the pressure.

An electronic ignition system, eliminates the breaking points that occur for example on old vehicles. When it comes to fuel, it is advisable to choose a non-original carburetor, which certainly makes the difference when it comes to the performance of the vehicle.

Then you can also install the under drive pulleys which reduce the resistance on the motor and they free up extra horses. There won’t be many, but the difference is immediately noticeable. Then, it is essential to lubricate the various parts of the engine as well as to clean the filters. In particular, the air filters must be cleaned because if the car does not breathe or in any case does not breathe well it cannot function as it should or as it would like.

Engine component lubrication

While as far as lubrication is concerned, everything that causes friction in the engine must be lubricated, because it reduces performance. Finally they can give their high performance wheel support which certainly cost more but which reduce the weight of the car and allow you to manage it much better while on the road.

In short, the methods to ensure that the car, whether new or old, is much more powerful, there are and there are many. Instead of choosing the illegal, it is advisable to opt for legality first of all to get the best, without being afraid.

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