Flyer resting on the windshield, do not go near the car: you risk the unthinkable

Finding a leaflet about the car is not always good, because not in all cases it is leaflets that release information that can somehow be of help.

Handwheel resting on the windshield
Handwheel resting on the windshield – Motori.News

In some cases it could even be a real rip-off from which it is good to keep well away. All this especially now, because due to the crisis everyone is looking for safe ways to make money.

What we are talking about is the scam of flyers getting stuck to the windshield wiper. Not always, but very often it is the case to take them out, tear them and throw them in the trash if you don’t want to have sad consequences.

I buy cars, pay cash, the flyer to keep well away from

The offending flyer says “I buy a car I pay Cash”. It is not an interesting offer at all, but an attempted deception into which the dead fall. It might seem tempting especially if you have to sell your car but it’s anything but that-

These sellers are scammers who they can only be contacted by phone, there are no offices to contact, nor contact details that can be useful in case of complaints. Consumer associations in recent weeks have received many reports, all the same or with something in common.

Thus, it was concluded that they are real criminal organizations that steal cars and resell them in Eastern countries without paying the owner. Sometimes there is an agency that is not very serious, sometimes not even that. When there is the agency, obviously it is not known and is advertised by means of the classic flyer attached to the rear window or to the window.

Social media advertising, illegal activity and anti-money laundering law

Another way to advertise your illegal activity is to publish photos of the cars purchased, these are obviously fake photos, which scammers take on the internet, obviously they cover the license plate number and thus manage to dive a large number of motorists and often desperate users who need money.

Among the scammers there are also those who pay, but those who do, use fake banknotes mixed with real banknotes in such a way as to confuse and not attract too much attention. As if that weren’t enough, these scammers don’t even respect the anti-money laundering law and the € 3000 limit for cash transactions. In any case, the advice can only be the following: always be wary and keep well away from flyers that seem to be simply informative, but in reality they are much more.

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