Never drive when it rains, it’s not what you think, you will be surprised why

Today the real problem of the Italians is not to do the shopping, but to make fuel because the costs are really very high. Many prefer not to drive the car in order to save in consumption, both fuel and component wear.

Driving in the rain
Driving in the rain

Spending hundreds of euros to fill up is very annoying, maintaining a car has become practically impossible.

Even those who are particularly distracted notice that consumption is not always the same but changes not so much based on the regular or discontinuous use of the vehicle, but based on driving style, habits and adversity.

When the car consumes too much

To realize what are the consumption of your car you just need to keep under control the partial kilometer counter that every time you travel on a journey, for example the one home to work, should be reset. If there should be mechanical problems and therefore higher consumption should depend on even minimal defects or malfunctions, evident anomalies should occur in the performancee.g. excessive noise while driving, black smoke, slow shooting, strong steering wheel or car vibrations.

One of the excessive causes of fuel, whether it is diesel or petrol does not matter, has to do with the wheels. Change the consumption if you change the old wheels with wider wheels or when you change winter wheels, summer wheels. Just as it changes if the pressure is lower than it should be because the wheel struggles to roll, so the car consumes much more to make it roll.

It’s kind of the same as it happens if you choose to drive when it is windy or when it rains. In these two cases, the friction with the asphalt increases, so there being much more resistance the car really struggles to move and consumes three times as much.

Avoiding driving your car in excessively strong winds and rain is essential if you want to save money

For this reason, however brave you may be, when there are bad days, rain or wind, you should abandon the idea of ​​going out except for business reasons.

Facing the rain is not an act of courage, quite the contrary. Especially in difficult times like the one we are experiencing, we should more than anything else go in search of efficient tricks to save as much as possible and find out how to do it.

An advice that can help is the following: contact a professional and have the car checked periodically to be sure that the vehicle is working optimally and that it does not consume more than it should without a real reason.

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