New Polo, everyone wants this model: beautiful is an understatement

Volkswagen is preparing to present the new Polo by next year. The car will be a mix of practicality and elegance, two qualities that any motorist in the world has practically always dreamed of.

New polo
New pole

Unfortunately, we will have to wait a few more weeks to find out what is new at the level of technical, technological performance and character. The premise is certainly excellent.

At the moment there is little information available, but they are all very interesting. The new version of the Polo should arrive on the market by 2023 under the name Volkswagen Polo Track e it will be built at the São Paulo plant in Brazil.

Polo is preparing to launch on the market, everything is about to change

The historic Polo model has been on the market since 1975, the car manufacturer has invested a lot of money on it and consequently brought home very important resources and will probably continue to do so for the next few years. The car was not bought for nothing by anyone, young and old alike because its main feature has always been practicality as well as comfort.

The sale of the Polo and in general of the Volkswagen cars it has been limited to some areas and some states. But apparently from this year or in any case from the next something will change. Volkswagen will in fact invest in the Polo in all countries of the world, including in Latin America which has remained an “unexplored” country until now, focusing on market developments by allocating funds very close to one billion euros for the next 4 years.

Volkswagen’s goal is to stop combustion cars well in advance

The goal is to enter the markets of the geographic area that have remained out of the previous years, focusing above all on the renewal of the digitalization of the Polo as well as on the steps forward in the process of decarbonization. The new car will strive for zero emissions, it will have a displacement of less than 1000cc. The Volkswagen CEO commented on the arrival of the new Polo in the Latin American market stating that this decision is a fundamental step forward not only for the future of the production company but also for the vast user base that sees Volkswagen as a point. of reference.

The most important detail that certainly cannot be overlooked or underestimated is that the automaker has decided to end the production of cars with combustion engines in Europebefore 2033. It will do so, among other things, well in advance of the others and the entry into force of the standard expected in 2035.

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