They are patrolling the streets, special devices inserted where you least expect them: incredible

The police are implementing a series of special devices throughout Italy using all the equipment at their disposal. What do you risk.

Hidden speed cameras
Hidden speed cameras –

As part of an initiative to make our roads safer, the police have started a sort of full-scale patrol in Italy involving the use of various devices.

The instruments available to the Traffic Police are diverse and include feeler gauges, digital tachograph tests, measuring rods, precursors, breathalysers and even instruments that are able to identify whether the chassis number of the vehicle is legitimate or not.

The checks concern all types of motor vehicles, from commercial ones to cars intended for personal and family use, up to large vehicles used for the transport of goods in Italy and abroad. Now let’s see some examples of infringements reported across the country.

Street patrols increasingly severe: what they control and what they risk

Thanks to the new equipment available to the Traffic Police and Carabinieri, for example, it is possible make sure a car’s insurance contract is legitimate. The risk of traveling with a false insurance can be very expensive: first of all, the criminal offense would be triggered for the use of a false document. Secondly, but not least, the seizure of the car for having actually driven without insurance.

Traffic police checks
Police checks –

Then there are the more conventional cases, if we want to call them that. The blood alcohol level, perhaps after having drunk a drop too many before driving, it can be fatal. Not only because the risk is to make an accident caused by the lack of lucidity given by alcohol, but also for all the penal and administrative consequences that may arise. On all the license withdrawaland in the most serious cases, even arrest.

Another great example is the transport of illicit substances, for which severe penalties can be triggered. The fact is that the goal with the coming winter is to make our roads safer, trying to limit as much as possible any illegal phenomenon that can lead to even serious situations.

After all, the cold season is also synonymous witharrival of the first mistswhich can cause very poor visibility in the early morning or late afternoon, when it gets dark earlier due to the change with solar time and increases the risk of committing serious infringements.

Traffic police checks Italy
Traffic police checks –

Our simple suggestion is to comply in the best possible way with the provisions of the Highway Code. Fit winter tires, or bring a set of snow chains, use the fog lights wisely only when strictly necessary and then all the other recommendations valid for all seasons: from not drinking before driving to making sure to have everything in order with your car.

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