beware of this band of thieves

In our country, many cars are stolen every year. But in recent years a different situation is also emerging. In fact, many criminal gangs set themselves the goal of carrying out targeted thefts of the various interior parts of the car. They are then resold on the clandestine market! But what special equipment do they use to carry out the thefts? How can we defend ourselves? Here are all the details about it!

Car theft
Car theft –

In 2021 alone, more than 100,000 cars were stolen in our country. An increasingly serious and unsustainable situation. There are many people who take precautions with state-of-the-art anti-theft systems, but, despite this, the bad guys always manage to get around every problem.

In addition to the normal theft of the car, moreover, several criminal gangs have developed ingenious tricks to carry out not just the complete theft of the car, but something more specific.

In fact, more and more criminals are succeeding carry out actual internal dismemberments of the most valuable internal parts of the car. The various stolen piecesthen, they come placed on the clandestine market and resold at lower prices than normal. An increasingly widespread crime ring in every area of ​​Italy!

But what devices do they use to dismember the car and steal the most valuable internal parts? Here’s everything you need to know!

The thieves who steal the interior parts of the car: here’s how they do it and how to defend yourself!

Thieves usually operate at night and in outlying areas. In fact, they make sure they are not observed by prying eyes. In addition, police checks are less frequent at night than at other times! But how do they dismember the internal parts of the car? Here are all the details!

Car theft
The criminal gangs that dismember the internal parts of cars – Motori.News

Whoever carries out such thefts is certainly not an improvised thief. In fact, these gangs are made up of malicious professionals, who know very well where to go to ‘get their hands’ in no time. In fact, they operate in a practical and fast way using particular tools and specialized tools present in the workshops!

In fact, it is essential not to affect the regular functioning of the various stolen parts, so as to be able to resell everything clandestinely. The pieces that are most tempting are the steering wheelthe exchangethe electrical cabinet and many other elements!

The unfortunate owner of the dismembered car runs the risk of returning to the car and finding himself without many fundamental elements. Damages often amount to several thousand euros. How to try to defend yourself from these gangs of malicious professionals with regard to this kind of theft?

Car thefts
Car theft – Motori.News

First of all, it is very important to use the latest generation of anti-theft systems. They can be satellite, electronic or mechanical. The important thing is that they are reliable. Putting a visible steering wheel lock on the steering wheel could also deter thieves. It becomes important, then, to make sure that you have always closed the machine e park it in places that are not too peripheral and, possibly, in the presence of cameras!

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