Petrol, everyone over the moon for the new bonus: € 200 for everyone

The cost of gasoline has skyrocketed again, in some distributors it has even exceeded € 2.

€ 200 for everyone
€ 200 for all – Motori.News

Due to the two-year pandemic, the post-pandemic crisis, the war in Russia, Ukraine, the cost of living has risen, for which it has become practically impossible to bear any expense.

In particular, users no longer know how to deal with the expense of purchasing fuel, which it has become a real investmentor that not everyone can handle.

The cost of gasoline increases more and more that’s what will happen soon

Unfortunately until the conflict between Russia and Ukraine it will continueà, the costs of energy sources and fuels will also continue to rise, there is not much to be done. The situation is tragic for many Italian families and will remain so for the next few months. The cut in excise duties established by the Draghi government has somehow helped us so far to keep the costs of diesel, gasoline and LPG within the limits of the affordable.

But in a few days that too will come to an end, so what will happen is just an enigma. But do not worry because the petrol bonus is about to enter the pockets of all Italians, or almost. This is a one-time bonus with a fixed amount, considered a totally unexpected gift by workers. Those who until now have decided to give up the use of a private car to get around, saving money using public transport, they will now be able to retrace their steps.

This is a gift certainly appreciated by any family, which could change the economic situation of most people, even if slightly. We are talking about a € 200 petrol bonus that is due to all employees. So it’s a government grant to help private sector workers who suddenly found themselves in trouble. It offers a € 200 bonus that can be used as you see fit, to refuel or to shop if you prefer.

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Who will get the money and how

The petrol bonus can be obtained without having to submit an application, all employees who are entitled to the bonus will receive € 200 directly into the account automatically along with the monthly salary.

This time the bonus also includes subjects who do not carry out commercial activities and all self-employed workers. So we can say that the only excluded are those who work in the public administration. Soon you will be able to find out more about the bonus petrol and on the disbursement of the money due.

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