what do we know about scrapping?

For some weeks now there has been talk of nothing but the decision by the Government to carry out the scrapping of fines.

Scrapping fines
Scrapping fines – Motori.News

Apparently the scrapping of fines is part of the new government project entrusted to Giorgia Meloni.

The government soon it will have to face not only the emergency linked to billsbut also that linked to tax bills, fines, taxes, contributions.

Here’s what could happen with the new government

Sending of folders and notices has restarted, after a long stop because of the covid and then because of the war in Ukraine. Apparently, however, the government is considering the cancellation of some old fines and the removal of the tax bills. The topic that is a bit close to everyone’s heart, has been treated and reported by the National Daily which says that all the folders up to 30 June 2022 are taken into consideration.

The goal is to recover all taxes that have not been paid to date. This date was chosen because it should be the representative one, so it should represent the exit from the post-covid crisis. Unfortunately, however, the crisis is not really over, on the contrary it has worsened due to the war between Russia and Ukraine which in some way affected the whole world and not just the two forces.

scrapping fines-Motori.news

Troubled families may soon receive large amounts of aid

The demonstration of all this lies in the increase in taxes and in the increase in the price of all the essential products for living. It is not only diesel, petrol and LPG that have been affected by the increase in costs but a bit of everything else, ie electricity, gas, etc. As a result of all this, Italian families found themselves in difficulty. Many fail to make it to the end of the month, others fail to shop. Then there are those who find themselves forced to postpone or not pay taxes and fines and find themselves in real trouble.

With the possible cancellation of the fines examined by the new government, it could be possible to put a little order on the amnesties. What we are talking about is an 80% discount on the amount with a flat rate 5% fine, which gives all debtors the opportunity to avoid paying other penalties or even penalties with interest. The figure could be paid and in installments between 5 and 10 years. Among other things, changes to the debt ceiling could also be applied. In this case, it could go from € 3000 to € 1000. In short, it would certainly be a great help for everyone.

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