Man Fuses Chevy Truck And Boat Into Giant, Street-Legal Land Shark


Friends, let’s be honest. We’ve seen strange things. Remember the pickup truck body mounted backwards on the chassis? Or what about UFOs on the highway? Arguably, the crazy car title is still held by Lada with working legs, but you know what? This shark truck could make the top five.

Yes, it’s a shark truck. Or a boat truck. Or land cruises. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s whimsical and certainly imaginative. This was the brainchild of someone named Kurt, who is originally from Woodstock, Georgia. We’re not sure what’s in the water in that area, but we can tell you for sure no – an old 24-foot boat that found its way to Kurt’s shop with a fuel leak. Around the same time, a broken 1990s Chevy 3500 pickup with a hydraulic dump also ended up in his shop. You might see where it leads.

Before General Motors fans throw in the comments saying this is really GMC, let’s give shark owners the benefit of the doubt here. Yes, the video shows the truck with the bold GMC branding on the grille before it was modified, but that could easily have been replaced by the grille. We saw Chevrolet wheels, Chevy badges on the doors, and all kinds of bow ties on the bed, but none of that mattered. What really matters is the combination of a malfunctioning boat and a barely functioning truck being the highest honor for Mouth.

Per the video, Kurt handled this entire conversion himself and there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye. The boat is mounted to the dump, allowing the entire raised shell to enter and exit. Without the door, Kurt filled the gap behind the fender, built a special floor, and to adjust the seat position behind the windshield, the pedals had to be extended. The front suspension is lowered by three inches but even with that tweak, visibility is very faint. That’s why there are four exterior cameras connected to a single screen on a dedicated dashboard, offering unobstructed views from all angles.

Speaking of sketchy, this 24-foot-tall land shark still has a boat-style seat in the back for some adults. The seating position is a bit high, but you won’t find a seat belt. Instead, Kurt makes a huge spin bar that goes down, not unlike what you might find on a roller coaster. Whether that was intentional or not, we don’t know. But somehow, we suspect riding behind this thing at speed might evoke the same adrenaline rush of impending doom.

In the video, Kurt says that he drives the shark truck quite often, although we have our doubts about the video narration saying it’s a daily driver. We have no doubt, however, that this rig captures every ounce of attention wherever it goes.


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