Ferrari LaFerrari Successor Coming In 2024 Suggests Documents Leak

With Purosangue, Ferrari begins its new product roadmap covering the 2023-2026 interval. The Super-SUV is just the beginning as the Prancing Horse brand has plans to launch no less than 14 more vehicles by 2026, and one of these new cars is expected to be the new highway hypercar. It seems that it may come sooner than expected if we believe the new report based on leaked internal documents.

It French edition of obtain a copy of the document first published in Auto Parerie forum, which suggests the LaFerrari successor will debut in 2024. More precisely, in two years from now – in October 2024, with a more hardcore version of the XX supposedly coming in July 2026. About three years after its original launch, a convertible variant is also supposed to be occur.

According to available information, Ferrari plans to assemble only 599 copies of the hypercar in standard form, internally known as the F250 project. The XX version will be limited to 30 units and the open-top model will add 199 units for a total of 828 engines.

Unfortunately, at this point, we can’t confirm the authenticity of the leaked documents, which means all this information should be taken with a grain of salt. Nothing official has come from the Maranello-based automaker at this point apart from an announcement made in July this year when Ferrari said a new hypercar for public roads would be coming between 2023 and 2026, but that’s too vague. The marque’s new product roadmap also includes Ferrari’s first all-electric production model coming later this decade.

If the information in the document is accurate, we should start seeing prototypes sporting more production bits from February next year. Apparently, the first mule has been tested since July this year, meaning the LaFerrari-based test vehicles we saw in January 2022 and October 2021 are most likely unrelated to the new hypercar.

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