if you get a fine it is a beating

The latest news of the highway code is bad news for motorcyclists: what can cost you more than 650 euros.

Motorcycles at the roadblock – Motori.news

The charm of the bike is unsurpassable: the feeling of freedom, that mixed thrill of speed, sharp turns and the right amount of caution especially if you are on a public road are indescribable things if you don’t try them.

A similar argument applies to it scooter: here motorcycle enthusiasts will hate us, but we will explain immediately. In the city, the use of two wheels allows us to take a deep breath to survive the city traffic: we can overtake the traffic that concerns the four wheels and sometimes take too much freedom that allows us to arrive sufficiently in time.

It is precisely by talking about the “excess freedoms” that we connect to the main topic of this article. You may not know, but the Traffic Laws severely punishes one of the most common maneuvers among those who own a two-wheeled vehicle. It is something that is done in particular when there is a lot of traffic: yes, we are talking about the slalom between cars.

Can I slalom between cars with the bike? What the highway code says

If you have owned or own a motorcycle or scooter you will have done it at least once in your life … if not a day. After all, the first thing we think when we see a queued line of cars is to overcome them all by zig-zagging between them. Who makes us wait as if we were on four wheels? Where would the benefit be, otherwise?

Scooter in the city
Scooter – Motori.news

Reasoning more than understandable, of course, but the highway code does not agree very much in this regard. Let’s look at Articles 143 and 146 which explain how to overtake stationary or slowed cars in traffic becomes an offense when we end up invading the opposite lane of the direction of travel or, worse, cross the double continuous line.

Then there is an in-depth discussion fromarticle 148, which obliges vehicles to circulate as close as possible to the right edge of the carriageway. This means that if there is traffic on the left we cannot overtake in order not to invade the opposite lane and on the right even less because, as you know, it is forbidden.

What happens in the event of an infringement? First of all, if an accident were to happen due to this maneuver, we would be held responsible for the fact. And then there is of course the administrative fine, which can be high to say the least.

There fine for slalom risks costing us a lot: it starts from 42 and reaches 173 euros in case of overtaking inside the lane. If we invade the opposite lane, however, the price goes up starting from 167 up to get there, hold on tight, to more than 650 euros!

Motorbike in the queue
Motorcycles queuing in traffic – Motori.news

In short, maybe next time it will be good to arm yourself with patience and, if you have to overtake, better do it in absolute safety.

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