Heavy fines if you leave the window like this, you’ve always done it: what a blow

The Highway Code has precise rules on everything. Going against it can lead to any motorist being subjected to very heavy disciplinary sanctions. But what is there to know about the windows? Here is the move not to do absolutely! You risk an unprecedented blow!

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There are many who want to customize their car to make it more appealing under the purely aesthetic side and beyond. Tuning is a passion that many have, but in our country the restrictions on it are very stringent! Simply put, you can’t do it as you want!

The Highway Code dictates certain rules in every respect. Today we talk about the windows and what changes it will be possible to make! In case of wrong move or of incorrectly arranged car windows, the risk for the motorist is to incur heavy penalties!

Not having the windows in order, in fact, goes against road safety both for you and for the other ‘inhabitants’ of the road! It is therefore essential not to overdo it and always have a clear and correct view at all times!

But when do you risk incurring very high fines? Here’s everything you need to know about windows and how to use them correctly!

Windows arranged contrary to the Highway Code: this is what a heavy penalty you risk!

When you have a car, you can’t do what you want. In fact, the Highway Code must always be respected under any aspect. As anticipated, today we talk about the windows and the move not allowed by law. In particular, we refer to tinted glass and its right and wrong use! What is there to know about it? Here we explain everything in detail!

Darkened windows
If you do not respect the Highway Code on tinted windows, you risk a hefty fine: here’s what you need to know – Motori.News

The tinted windows are certainly eye-catching from a design point of view, increasing the ‘beauty’ of your car. But the Highway Code allows you to darken only some windows of your car! Which?

Tinted windows give that touch of beauty and greater ‘aggression’ to your car, but not everything is allowed by law. Indeed, a car can only have the two tinted rear windows! It will also be possible to have the rear window darkened, as long as the rear-view mirrors are perfectly usable, both right and left!

As we all know, there are many car manufacturers that give this possibility to customize tinted windows to their customers! What, on the other hand, can never be obscured?

The two front windows and the windscreen can NEVER be darkened. The perfect view of those behind the wheel, in fact, must always be optimal and perfectly clear! A darkening film can be applied to the windshield, ideal for combating the sun’s rays, but it must be perfectly in order. That is, it must be in possession of European homologation and certification. Furthermore, it must be placed in the upper part of the windshield and can NEVER fall below a certain threshold!

But what fine do those who break these rules risk? Anyone who obscures the front windows or applies non-approved or badly mounted films risks a very high fine! The administrative sanction, in fact, ranges from 85 to 338 euros! Think about it, therefore, before customizing your car by going against the rules. Safety is a very important aspect and must always be guaranteed to the maximum!

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