What happens if you slow down quickly while running when you see the tutor? You won’t believe it

What happens if you go under the tutor quickly and then suddenly slow down? This is the question that many ask themselves, especially those who are inexperienced and not properly informed and therefore do not yet know how the speed detection system implemented by the tutor works.

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Unlike the speed camera that manages to capture the speed on the spot, what the tutor does is take how reference point two exact points or rather that of the entrance and that of the exit manned by the cameras.

Then it is held obviously I count the distance between the two spaces taken into account and the speed maintained by the driver is averaged. If the speed exceeds the limits set then a fine is triggered, otherwise no.

The difference between speed cameras and tutors

If to be fined with a speed camera it is enough to exceed the speed limit even by a very small amount, with the tutor it is not enough, you have to maintain a constant high speed, from the beginning to the end of the road in question. After having clarified this aspectthe question that arises is another and it is specific.

If the motorist pass under the tutor at high speed and then slow down by halving it, do you risk a fine? Over the years, motorists have studied everything in order not to take fines and not to slow down. For example, there were those who thought of walking close between two lanes to escape the detection of the sensors placed under the asphalt, as well as those who, through a CD hanging from the rear window, thought of preventing the photograph of the license plate. Unfortunately, all these techniques do not work and do not in any way allow to escape the tutor.


Ultimately, the answer to the most quoted question is the following: if the car passes under the tutor at 200 km per hour, then it brakes and drops to 70 km per hour maintaining this speed for the rest of the stretch, maintaining an average speed which, for example, stays at 125 km / h while respecting the speed limits on the motorway, you do not risk a fine.

The trick only works if …

This happens because the tutor does not take into account the speed peaks but the average maintained by the driver while driving. Obviously it is not enough to slow down suddenly to be in complianceslowing down on the spot is essential, but it is also important to maintain that speed for the entire stretch of road.

Then, we must also hope that the stretch is long enough to be able to lower the average, especially if the initial speed was very high. If it’s long enough, the trick may work, otherwise it won’t.

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