in addition to the fine, he risks 4 days in jail

In Switzerland, anything is possible except joking with speed cameras and speed limits. The rules in this regard are really strict and you can not help but accept and respect them if you do not want to go to the worst.

speed camera exceeds limit
speed cameras exceeds

Especially the Italians do not believe in it and do not even imagine but the situation in Switzerland is really very different from the Italian one.

Not everyone knows that in Switzerland, you risk going to jail for driving below 50 km / h. A rather strange episode happened in Val Mustair, the protagonist of the event is one Italian driver that with the limit imposed 30km / h, traveled the road at 47km / h. The woman received a fine and criminal notice.

Here’s what happened in Switzerland due to a speed camera

In Switzerland, if you do not pay within the set deadlines a sum that is around 750 francs, days in prison or publicly useful work are foreseen. In Italy, when a car with a Swiss license plate commits an infringement, there is not the same rigor.

The woman fined will have to run for cover immediately and then pay the fine for having exceeded the limit, albeit slightly, if he does not want to run the risk of having to face 4 days in prison. The situation is paradoxical and yet it is so.

When the speed camera detects that the speed limit has been exceeded, it goes in search of all the information that makes it possible to identify the person who committed the infringement, to then notify the fine at home even if it were to be in Italy.

Speed ​​cameras –

What happens if the offender fails to pay the fine on time

In the event that the offender does not decide to pay within the deadline, the license plate number is stored in the computers of the cantonal police and border guards. As soon as the car requests to cross the border, they are obliged to ask first of all to pay, even on the spot the amount with interest. Otherwise, it is not possible to cross the border.

The cameras at the customs gates and in the cantons have a memory of 6 or 7 thousand foreign plates for which it is impossible to escape. It takes a few seconds to identify a license plate that is part of the “black list”, at which point the alarm is raised and that’s it. The driver is obliged on the spot to pay the amount willy-nilly. Should he deny the payment, the cautionary firm of the vehicle. At this point, the vehicle is released only after payment of the fine.

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