Make 3 full gasoline for free, the new bonus for all Italians: what a gift

There are further discounts for gasoline. In fact, after the terrible sting of the last few months, a series of conditions on the oil market have brought gasoline prices down.

Free petrol
Free gasoline

We analyze what is happening to fuel and how the market will evolve, but also why some really pay less for it.

Why is it so low?

The fuel market is heavily influenced by choices of oil producers. Indeed, the choice of oil producing countries at first caused fuel costs to rise enormously, but now it is driving them down significantly. In fact, self-service petrol can be found in some petrol stations in Italy today between 1.6 and 1.4 euros.

This represents a really great and important savings opportunity for families. It is therefore not surprising that many families go on a treasure hunt to find the cheaper gas station.

Fuel experts point out that the prices of each petrol pump are very diverse. Whereas previously the prices were all more or less the same, now customers can find gas stations where they can save a lot. However, there are some tricks to save even more on gasoline purchases.

Petrol bonus –

Tips for saving petrol

We found that about the 50% of people pay more attention when choosing a service station, looking at the prices displayed with a notebook and a pen in hand. But this is not the only measure that Italians have come up with to cope with fuel prices. Almost one in three drivers say they have changed their driving style to be more careful.

But what are the other tips for save on gasoline expenses? Let’s see together the best tips to reduce expenses and improve the fuel efficiency of your car.

The first tip is definitely to choose mainly the white pumps. In fact, white pumps are not part of a larger supply network, which can save you a lot of money.

Then there is another very strange trick to save gas. Indeed, if you do refueling at night, you pay less for petrol. Not many people know, but gasoline compresses at low temperatures, so filling up at night saves some money.

When refueling, choose the mode economic self-service compared to the service one, with a range that can reach 9%.

Avoid to refuel on the motorway and at petrol stations far from urban centers. This is because there is no competition in these areas and operators tend to raise prices.

Make a constant car maintenance. In particular, air filters that need to be replaced or cleaned regularly with the help of a quality workshop (clogged gears can increase fuel consumption by up to 10%).

Also it driving style It is very important, avoiding sudden acceleration or braking can also save a significant amount of fuel.

Petrol bonus –

The bonus: get three full fuel tanks for free

For 2022, the value of petrol vouchers provided free of charge by private companies to their employees, up at 200 euros per worker, will not contribute to the formation of income. In other words, they are tax free. There are no conditions or income limits to take advantage of this bonus. The only limitation foreseen so far by the regulation is that the measure is aimed at employees of private companies.

It was already foreseen that companies could grant a bonus of up to € 258.23 per year for the so-called “fringe benefit“(For example, vouchers, fuel vouchers, shopping vouchers, etc.), doubled to 516.46 euros in 2020 and 2021 as an economic support measure during the pandemic.

Instructions are being prepared for private employers to provide employees with petrol vouchers (law decree no. 21/2022), introduced to limit the economic impact of the increase in fuel prices; the bonus, which will be paid only in 2022 and will be a maximum of 200 euros per employee, will not be taxable for the worker and will be deductible from business income.

There circular no. 27 / Esigned by the director ofRevenue Agencyspecifies the employers and workers who can access the bonus, the methods of disbursement and the rules to be followed in the event of recognition of the performance bonus.

Petrol vouchers are payments made by private employers to their employees for refueling vehicles (petrol, diesel, LPG, methane, etc.). In this regard, the circular specifies that the disbursement of good for charging electric vehicles is eligible for bonuses. The bonus for refueling with petrol of 200 euros does not contribute to the formation of the employee’s income.

Therefore, to benefit from the tax exemption, the goods and services spent by the employer for each employee in the fiscal year 2022 must amount to 200 euros for one or more petrol vouchers and 258.23 euros for all other goods and services ( including additional petrol vouchers).

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