“An announced disaster”: the slap in the face of Honda after yet another no race in MotoGP

Honda continues to sink in MotoGP. Marc Marquez is also far from satisfied with the RC-V …

Honda continues to sink – MotoriNews

2022 is another shipwreck for the former battleship Hondawho has long been used to winning in MotoGP. But starting from Jerez 2020, so the time of the injury of Marc Marquez, it was understood that the strategy was not the best and trouble started. The bike was difficult to manage, the riders were achieving results to forget one after the other. Alone Alex Marquez managed to limit the damage with two rookie podiums in the same year, while now he can’t wait to end the season … And if even the more successful older brother shows signs of disappointmentthen HRC really has to work to change course.

Honda in trouble, even with Marquez

The Grand Prix that just ended in Sepang was a decidedly eloquent signal e worrying. Marc Marquez, the only one capable of driving over the problems of the RC-V, did not shine at all. In qualifying he managed to grab a second place (and without trails), in the race he literally disappeared. “We have arrived seventh just because Martin crashed and Mir had problems. “ The front man of the Honda house does not go for the subtle, the race at Sepang was literally disastrous. After the results of the previous GPs, here is the abrupt return to earth on the occasion of the penultimate round of 2022. “Ducati’s pace was really too much for us, you can’t risk so much for 20 laps or fall “ added the multi-champion from Cervera. Worrying from a driver who has always risked a lot in his career … “It was the more difficult weekend Marc Marquez remarked again. Which does not spare Honda a dig, however: “We are too far, it’s time to work seriously! ”

Race to forget

It definitely went wrong with all the riders, not just with Marc Marquez. Tetsuta Nagashimaback in LCR Honda in place of the injured Nakagami, he closed early for a accident. Pol Espargaro he really has nothing to rejoice about once again. “A bad race he stated bluntly. “This time we also had to consider the temperature, the humidity… We started in 20th position and it went bad immediately.” It is no longer tender Alex Marquezwhich has failed to do much better. “Was a disaster announced bitterly admitted the # 73. “We have always been lensesThis is reality.” The Moto2-Moto3 champion can’t wait to end the Honda experience. “So it’s hard to keep up motivation he in fact added. “But at least I know that I always give 100% …” For Honda the 2023 it will really be decisive, or it will blow some heads.

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