Car tires, if you use these there is a fine of 350 euros

Car tires are constantly evolving, just like the regulation that has to do with them.

350 euro fine
350 euro fine

For 2022-2023 another obligation is coming in some provinces, municipalities and regions. New ordinances have been designed to reduce accidents. In some areas of Italy the ordinances concern the obligation to mount winter tires by 15 November.

The date is not unique for any region, but only for those affected by snow or ice formation already in autumn.

The rules that all interested motorists are required to respect

Motorists who they do not have 4 season tires they will have to replace their tires by 15 November in order not to receive high penalties. According to the provision of the Highway Code, article 6, paragraph 4, letter E, the owner of the vehicle must be equipped with winter tires for driving on snow or ice but leaves the road management bodies free to apply any changes. It all depends mainly on the climatic conditions of the territory.

Should there be a specific provincial or municipal regional ordinance, it may be necessary not only to change the winter tires to be in compliance and to travel safely but also to have non-slip vehicles, for example chains. These should only be mounted when needed. tires

Fine in case of non-compliance with the law by the driver and owner of the vehicle

The traffic police bodies may decide on these obligations. In the event that the tires have not been changed, in compliance with the rules, during a check carried out by the police, the driver is obliged to pay a penalty that varies, ranging from 87 to € 344.

Not everyone knows what the difference is between summer and winter tires. It starts with the knobs, which are thicker in the case of summer tires because the winter ones are fitted with thin ones that allow you to have greater grip on the snow. Then there are the grooves, which are also different in this case. In winter they are suitable for traveling on wet asphalt, the material guarantees greater adherencea and therefore there is less risk of suffering the phenomenon of aquaplaning.

So the main reason is to have more safety on the road, therefore maximum grip, far better performance even at low temperatures and obviously lower fuel consumption and polluting emissions. The less the tires wear, the less they pollute the environment. Obviously all this is not enough to be in order, it is also necessary to check the size of the car tires because it must not be either below or above that indicated by law.

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