Volkswagen Will Bring Back Push Button On The Steering Wheel

Technology is great, but why change something that has worked well for decades? Maybe for the sake of adding bullet points to the press release mentioning the new “feature” to show that it’s not just carry-on stuff. This approach in the automotive industry backfires every now and then. For example, Volkswagen has been heavily criticized for installing touch-sensitive buttons on the steering wheel of some of its newest products.

Well, it looks like the Wolfsburg brand has listened and promises to fix the problem by reverting to conventional controls that you simply press. Thomas Schäfer, head of VW’s core brand, took the LinkedIn to announce the company he runs has listened to customer feedback and will get rid of the touch buttons on the steering wheel.

“We’re sharpening our portfolio and design, plus creating new simplicity in operating our vehicles. For example, we’re bringing back push-button steering! That’s what customers want from VW.”

The facelifted golf slated for 2023 could be the first to get rid of the touch panel. At the end of last month, a prototype was spotted featuring a large touchscreen for the infotainment system but with traditional steering wheel controls. Many owners would argue that putting back the “old school” buttons only solves half of the car’s interior problems.

The fixation on touch controls extends to the center console where the Golf has a slider for adjusting the temperature. Worse, it’s not illuminated. The slider is still in the test vehicle caught by the car paparazzi in September, so returning the HVAC button seems highly unlikely at this point. The silver lining is that there’s a Clima button for quick access to settings via the touchscreen.

Any changes VW is looking to implement next year with the Golf facelift will likely carry over to the SEAT/Cupra Leon and Skoda Octavia twin models. Let’s not forget the Golf has received more computing power for infotainment for faster operation. There are also some issues with the software, which have been fixed with the OTA update.

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