Electric scooters, you can no longer circulate without: the fine will ruin you

Electric scooters are one of the most loved and used means by young and old alike to move around cities.

Electric scooter fines
Electric scooter fines – Motori.News

On the other hand, electric scooters allow you to move without using your own means such as cars and motorcyclessaving on wear and consumption of fuel whose price is skyrocketing again.

The more electric scooters are used, the more regulations appear that try to make these means of travel safe. To date there are still too many users on the road who drive the scooter, they also use cell phones. These do not comply with the basic rules and cause accidents.

Electric scooters, a risk for all users

Strange as it may seem, electric scooters are very dangerous both for those who are driving and for other users on the road, pedestrians, motorists or motorcyclists. To drive electric scooters well you need to be able to perform some physical movements with speed and skill. For this reason they cannot be considered as means within everyone’s reach.

To drive safely, you have to respect the driving ban in some senses, you cannot ride without a helmet under a certain age. But it does not end here because starting from October, electric scooters will also need to be equipped with brakes on all wheels, each braking device must be independent in order to be able to react effectively on the wheels individually.

Furthermore, each scooter must also have an acoustic signal and obviously arrows to indicate the direction which will be taken within tot meters. Finally, at the front there must be a white or yellow light, while at the rear a red light, both fixed. At the rear, the red and yellow reflectors applied on the sides will be mandatory.

electric scooters-Motori.news

What will happen starting from 2024

By January 1, 2024, all scooters put into circulation before September 30, 2021 must be equipped with turn indicators and braking system on the individual wheels. All this has been designed to ensure that the street is a place of safety and not of total anarchy where everyone behaves as they see fit.

Who has the scooter cannot park the device on the curb, the penalty is a fine from € 41 to € 178. Then you have to use the reflective vest at night and in poor conditions. Children under 18 must wear a helmet, the speed limit is 20 km in the city and 6 in pedestrian areas.

Who hires scooters has the obligation to request a photo of the vehicle parked correctly in the stalls. Finally, the circulation of the electric scooter under the arcades and obviously on the sidewalks or against the traffic is prohibited. Obviously, the frequent use of the scooter by 2 users remains stigmatized, however, generally one of the two is also a minor.

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