Red Bull and FIA towards a sensational plea deal

The Budget Cap issue in F1 could be closed with a simple plea bargain: Red Bull would have to pay a fine and see the hours in the wind tunnel reduced.

Red Bull Budget Cap Christian Horner
Christian Horner, Red Bull team principal –

After so much noise, it is Christian Hornerteam principal of Red Bullto talk about the Budget Cap case from the paddock where the United States Grand Prix weekend is taking place.

Interviewed by Sky Sport F1, Horner himself confirmed the rumors by talking about a plea deal in progress with the FIA ​​for exceeding the 2021 Budget Cap up to 5%. The International Automobile Federation would have proposed various penalties to the Milton Keynes team, ranging from financial fines to reducing simulation hours.

Budget Cap case: what is Red Bull really at risk?

According to information gathered from sources close to the FIA, it seems that the first sanction provided for either a substantial financial fine or, likewise, one reduction of the Budget Cap for the 2023 season. Sporting punishment, on the other hand, would not concern the results on the track, but one 25% reduction in simulation hours for the 2023 and 2024 World Cups.

We remind you that between the virtual simulator and the wind tunnel the teams are authorized for 2000 hours a year, with a variable percentage depending on the sporting results.

Max Verstappen F1 Red Bull
Max Verstappen in action –

The reigning world champion constructors team has a lower percentage than all the others: in this case, Red Bull, which is preparing to return to the world championship just in the weekend in Austin, would see further reduced this amount of hours.

The hypothesis that is circulating in the paddock is that Red Bull would have decided to accept the plea bargain to avoid more severe penaltieswhich would jeopardize even the title won by Max Verstappen in the fiery last race in Abu Dhabi last season. In that case, we recall, the Constructors’ World Championship had already been won by Mercedes.

Christian Horner admitted that what happened, and its punishment, set a precedent for the future: “At the moment there is an ongoing process with the FIA, as per regulation. The violation was deemed minimal and, I add, it was very minimal and for this reason we are in the process of plea bargaining with the Federation.

We are presenting our version of the facts: remember that it is a totally new regulation for FIFA and for the teams and it is the first time that it has been implemented. All of this will set a precedent for the future“.

Abu Dhabi 2021 Verstappen Hamilton
The last lap of Abu Dhabi 2021 –

The other teams, Mercedes above all, they obviously want more severe penalties, which really set an example for the regular compliance with the Budget Cap in the coming seasons. Toto Wolffteam principal of the German team, admits, however, that it seems difficult to go back to 2021 but what success should serve everyone for the future.

It is not yet clear when the FIA’s final decisions on the case will be announced.

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