Diesel cars, even these models will no longer be able to circulate: incredible

Hard times are ahead for owners of diesel cars: the limitations risk also affecting those who own a Euro 6 engine.

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The struggle of governments against the spread of diesel car continues and directly affects those who own a car with this type of engine. We know the reason well: the goal is reduce city pollution to get to the total ban of this kind of engines, but also of petrol ones, from 2035.

The builders consider this measure too premature, given that on the one hand they have to face a drop in sales of diesel cars dictated precisely by the fear on the part of motorists of running into blocks and limitations, on the other hand because the transition process towards electric is still far from being able to be realized.

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In the meantime, however, most of the Italian municipalities continue their struggle and this time it could strike even those who own a relatively recent car. The risk is that there will soon be limitations for cars with Euro 6 engine registered before autumn 2015. Not really a very distant date.

Euro 6 diesel car block: what happens?

The city center of the main Italian capitals has practically become inaccessible to anyone who owns a diesel car deemed too polluting. The block for i older generation engines it has already been implemented for some years, but now it is becoming increasingly harsh, also affecting fairly recent homologations.

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According to the latest news we have, we are thinking of putting further limits on circulation for these cars. An important example is that represented by the city of Milanone of the most stringent from this point of view, which from 2025 will ban entry into Area B also to Euro 6 diesel vehicles registered before 2019.

Also to Rome the situation is not the best: in some periods of the year, especially those more subject to traffic such as the Christmas holidays or the return from holidays, Euro 6 diesel vehicles cannot access the so-called “Green Band“. Be careful, because on some days the ban even applies to petrol cars, a sign of an increasingly heated fight against cars with internal combustion engines.

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If you own a Euro 6 diesel car you should inquire about the type of your engine, which can be type A, B, C and D: sometimes the limit is very specific, so you would do well to check if you want to go to areas where restrictions of this kind are usually applied.

There The definitive sting could arrive, however, in 2023: the objective of the government and the municipalities is to further tighten the measures, which will initially concern large cities and also expand to smaller inhabited centers. The fight against pollution continues, especially in a period of great energy crisis, we only hope that in the end it is not the citizens who lose out, as usual, most of all.

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