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When you refuel at the self service you always have to pay attention to one thing in particular. Which? Here are all the details on a move you can’t miss! If you make this mistake you run the risk of spending more money than you should and more!

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Refueling on your own is a move that we absolutely recommend, especially in a similar historical period. In fact, self-service costs – in most cases – less than the ‘Served’ mode. A few cents per liter less which will allow you to save a lot of money with every tank of fuel! But what mistake will you have to avoid when refueling?

The cost of gasoline and diesel has risen dramatically in recent months. We all know the reason and, unfortunately, refers to the outbreak of the war in Ukraine and the consequent international instability! The price increases affect all sectors, including cars and fuel! Also for these reasons, it may be wise to avoid making a mistake when refueling your car!

Each car runs on its own fuel. Therefore, you must always pay attention to NEVER put petrol in a diesel-fueled car and vice versa! This error will compromise the smooth operation of the car and will force you to spend a lot of money at the mechanic to carry out the repair!

But what do you also need to pay close attention to during self-service refueling? Here is the move you should never go wrong!

The mistake to avoid when refueling: here’s everything you need to know about it!

When you are about to fill up with gas at your chosen station, you always have to pay attention to several things. We have already mentioned the banality of not mistaking fuel. But there is also another important aspect to consider! Which? Here we explain everything to you!

Petrol refueling click
The ‘click’ to pay attention to when refueling – Motori.News

The petrol pump should always stop automatically when a certain threshold is reached. This aspect is essential so that petrol never escapes from the tank. It will therefore be essential to ensure that the pump has made the appropriate ‘click’ when this threshold is reached!

Therefore, always pay particular attention to this detail. You will avoid wasting gasoline, spending more useless money and, above all, dirtying and polluting the ground, with all the serious possible consequences!

Many people, in fact, neglect this dedicated informational ‘click’ and continue to dispense the fuel. Usually, after hearing this ‘noise’, there is still a bit of room to add fuel. It usually amounts to about one liter! But why risk it? Why make this mistake and risk spilling fuel on the ground or on your clothes?

Once you hear the ‘click’, therefore, the advice is to stop and put the pump back in its place! There is no point in filling the tank completely and risking spilling the gasoline!

In addition, the margin after the famous ‘click’ is significantly reduced during the summer months! Indeed, once exceeded 30 °, the fuel expands and leaves very little room for action after the ‘click’. Once again we advise against pressing the nozzle again and NEVER exceed the limit!

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