with this technique it takes 2 seconds to take them away

Another alarm spreads in Italy, this time it has to do with the theft of alloy wheels and car tires.

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The phenomenon of thefts of car in the course in recent years has been decliningfor example 108,000 cars were stolen in 2022, the decrease was 5.29% compared to 2021. This could certainly be a positive, advantageous data, were it not for when the thieves are in difficulty and are unable to steal a vehicle are content to take away only small parts of it.

These include alloy wheels and tireswhich are tempting to all thieves because they allow you to put aside a very interesting loot.

Defending yourself from the theft of rims and wheels, here are some useful tips

To defend against the theft of alloy rims or wheels, it is better to avoid parking in dark areas, not guarded, or far from shops or homes, or in places where thieves can act undisturbed without being afraid or without giving in. eye. This is a common sense rule, which it should make life easier car owners and more difficult for both experienced and inexperienced thieves.

A second trick could be the purchase of anti-theft bolts, or bolts that are they can only unscrew with special keys different for each wheel. The system is difficult to evade. It is obviously not 100% safe, but it takes a lot longer to operate and to take away the rims or wheels.

Another solution is to install an anti-theft device with the anti-lift sensor, which detects the changes in the position of the vehicle. Should the jack or bricks be used to lift the car, for the theft of rims and wheels, the alarm sounds warning the owner of the vehicle that something is happening in order to have plenty of time to act.

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The best insurance policy, here’s what it is

Then obviously the best method to escape from thefts of any kind is to store the car in the garage, always, both when needed immediately, and when it needs to be left overnight or for hours.

Obviously not everyone has a garage at their disposal, in this case the advice is to protect yourself and protect yourself the car with insurance that covers theft, fire and vandalism. In this case it is good to pay attention to the policy before signing it and go and check that partial thefts are also included, i.e. those that include the theft of only parts of the car, such as rims or wheels.

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