Nissan 300ZX With 2JZ Engine Has Wings You Definitely Won’t Miss

The Nissan 300ZX with a 2JZ engine swap is not something unheard of before. We’ve seen a few before, but this one, featured by YouTuber BeDistinctcertainly among the otherworldly examples you will catch in the wild.

Built by a man named Carlos, this is a 1990 Nissan 300ZX but with a PMZ-L V2 wide body kit. As mentioned, it’s got a single-turbo 2JZ engine under the hood. Even the transmission is taken from the 1997 Supra, which arguably makes this car a Nissan with a Toyota heart.

In addition to the engine and body kit, the 300ZX has also been equipped with a set of SSR SP1 wheels and Air Lift suspension. Even the colors are special, with a one-off livery designed by the owner himself.

But that’s not what makes this building unique. Just behind, it would be hard to miss the massive APR GT1000 goose-neck wing hooked up to the chassis. One glance and we know that no record stands for the largest wing mounted on a car but looking at the build and proportion to the car itself, there must be some kind of record for this.

Between this and the one we saw in the new Supra before, this is definitely a winner.

While that could be polarizing, wait until you hear how much was spent building this car. According to Carlos, the wings alone set him back $4,000, while mounting on the chassis required an additional $1,500. The engine alone is said to cost $45,000, and that includes the drivetrain, drive shaft, and transmission. Wheels, on the other hand, are priced at $6,000 while the Air Lift suspension adds another $10,000.

Along with other costs, including the base 300ZX, Carlos estimates that he spent over $100,000 to build this. Is it all worth it? Well, the guy looks happy and proud with his build, especially with the fact that his build was shown at SEMA last year, so there you have it.

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