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Today anyone trying to make money in any way. The dashboard thieves who targeted some cars from Montemurlo during the previous night are valid proof of this. Among these, Christian Giagnoni’s handbike is also over.

Dashboard thieves
Dashboard thieves – Motori.News

Car owners this morning they received a totally unexpected nasty surprise. Broken windows and missing dashboards.

In addition to the nasty surprise and bad luck, the owners of the vehicles have one thing in common, that is the certainty that it was not a thief carried out by any vandals or by inexperienced thieves.

Who stole the dashboards and why

In fact, they acted specialized dashboard thieves who knew what to look for and how to take it away without attracting attention in a few minutes in a completely silent way. The Cruscott Thievesor hit all the big cars. Those who are not informed enough or correctly think this is the first time, in reality it is not.

Already last year it was talked about and on this occasion it was discussed the possibility that these dashboards had ended up on the black market. For a while it was no longer talked about, and here is the bitter surprise today. Most likely dashboards stolen from luxury cars they are brought to Eastern Europe and sold at a high price. On the other hand, a dashboard can be disassembled in just a few minutes, so taking it away if you know how to do it and have the right tools is child’s play.

dashboard thieves-Motori.news

Which cars have ended up in the crosshairs of dashboard thieves and what will happen now

Audi, Mercedes, BMW audio have ended up in the dashboard thieves’ sights, including the handbike of Cristian Giagnoni who said his car was behind a gate, so not on the road like the other six cars targeted and damaged. In any case, it was a great damage to everyone. Now it is not just a matter of looking for the piece to be replaced, which in itself has no small cost.

But it will also be necessary repair broken windows and recover damage to gearboxes, at the steering. Repairs will have to be paid very dearly. For example, in the case of Giagnoni and his handbike, we are talking about approximately € 12,000 in damage. Obviously the facts were immediately reported to the Carabinieri in the area. Now the hope is placed on the cameras of the neighborhood, private and public, which may have caught something.

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