Car insurance, mandatory even if the car is parked in the garage: what a nightmare

Car insurance is one of the most hated expenses by motorists, following the car tax which still remains in first place today.

Car in the insurance garage
Garage car insurance – Motori.News

Insurance is hated by anyone because it has a very high cost, even if now with the advancement of modernity and technology it is possible to request quotes online, by purchasing insurance policies available only on the internetsaving important sums.

This is an expense that any motorist or car owner of any kind must have compulsory pay once or twice a year according to how you prefer for reasons of convenience and economic possibilities. But beware, because the latest news that has to do with car insurance changes the cards and will probably anger taxpayers.

What the new legislation of the Parliament says

Apparently, even the vehicle stopped in the garage, from now on requires compulsory insurance. This was established by the European Parliament through a directive that requires Italy to remove the exclusive insurance obligation from cars that frequent areas open to the public. So from now on it is mandatory to pay the insurance even on cars that are stationary in the backyard or in the garage.

This is a novelty that removes the possibility for all car drivers to insure only the one that is used for travel and beyond. It also weighs on those who, following the crisis, they decided to travel by public transport rather than with their own cars by leaving the car in the garage and saving on the price of fuel. Up to now it has been possible to open the insurance contract in case of need, soon this will no longer be possible. The new legislation says that any used and unused vehicle, running or not, must have insurance.


How not to pay for car insurance with small tricks

The only way not to pay car insurance on vehicles in the garage or in the courtyard is to make them unusable and therefore unfit for circulation. This can be done for example by removing a fundamental piece that does not allow the vehicle to be started.

As if that weren’t enough, Parliament has also authorized member states to raise the ceilings. So the short-term insurance policy must be able to guarantee a total of 6,450,000 euros per accident, regardless of the number of people injured. The figure changes because before it was about 5 million euros. Or of 1,300,000 euros for each injured person against the one million and 220,000 euros now available in Italy.

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