Bus, carpet checks for passengers: if they stop you, the fine is a drain

Starting Monday, May 9, 2022, many rules that have to do with public transport, especially buses and passengers, are changing. Strict checks will be carried out on travelers on board the buses, implementing the anti-evasion plan, which allows to reduce the percentage of passengers who, with cunning, travel without paying the bus ticket.

Checks on buses
Checks on buses – Motori.News

Passengers from 9 May onwards they can only get on the bus from the front door, there the driver will be ready to check the ticket that the passenger should be in possession of. The driver himself will go to stamp any tickets.

Those who do not have a ticket to stamp can buy it directly from the bus driver, paying a surcharge of € 2. Should there be be users without ticketsthe driver is obliged to contact the controller to carry out the check and possibly fine those who do not respect the law.

Purchase of the ticket and how to use it

The ticket can be purchased directly on the bus, provided by the driver and costs € 2 rather than € 1.30, lasting 90 minutes. The ticket in question can be used on all other lines for an hour and a half. To speed up the purchase of travel tickets, passengers are advised to have € 2 or € 1 coins or small banknotes that can be easily exchanged.

As for the buses of the urban network, here too the ticket will cost € 2however, unlike the previous ones, it can only be used for single travel and without time bands.


That is why new rules have been applied

These new rules were applied precisely to try to counteract the bad habit that affects at least 5% or 7% of those who use city buses without paying. In this way they would like to go to recover the missing income that reaches a total of 1.5 – 2 million per year, which can be invested to improve the service. Anyone who complains of the buses not in performing conditions, of the lack of service that would need to be retouched and perfected, however, no one pays willingly. The consequences are precisely these.

The project was requested and then accepted by the organizations Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uiltrasporti and Faisa Cisal which after an initial phase of observation and careful analysis of the problem, has decided to activate strict controls and rigid and serious consequences for crafty offenders with the aim of combating tariff evasion and reserving the same treatment and the same possibilities for all users.

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