What is the white triangle next to the fuel symbol for? You will not believe it

You may have noticed it or not, but there is a white triangle next to the fuel symbol. What is it for? It is very easy.

White fuel triangle
White fuel triangle – Motori.news

If you are a person particularly attentive to detail you will certainly have noticed that next to the fuel gauge symbol on the dashboard there is a small white triangle, which is in fact a horizontal arrow.

A novelty that has been introduced with recent cars and that many do not really know what it means: if you are among them, make yourself comfortable because you are about to discover an incredibly useful feature.

Let’s start from a premise: how many times when you arrived at the filling station to fill up with petrol or diesel and you found yourself having an abnormal effort because you had wrong the right side where the fuel cap is? Probably more than you would like to admit. Well, the white triangle comes right to your rescue.

The meaning of the white triangle next to the fuel symbol

Having said that we are sure that you already understand. Not long ago, auto makers thought well of facilitate refueling operations of their customers by adding a simple white arrowand from time to time also red, which simply tells us whether the fuel tank cap is on the left or right.

Fuel pump
Fuel pumps – Motori.news

So, if the white triangle is facing left or right the meaning is exactly that: in this way you know in advance how to park at the gas station to fill up in total comfort. This is useful if you have just bought a new car or are driving a rental or company car.

This arrow, or white triangle if you prefer, was invented in the 10s of 2000. Starting from 2010in fact, all the new cars have been equipped with this small but fundamental innovation that simplifies the life of motorists.

It is about a standard that has gone a little unnoticedbut if you didn’t know about it so far, we’re sure you’ll notice the next time you get in the car and get ready to refuel.

Fuel symbol without triangle
Fuel symbol without white triangle – Motori.news

Let’s make just one clarification: it is not necessarily present in all cars. Mind you, if you have bought a new car it is practically certain that there is, but if you have opted for a used one or you are still driving a car with a few years behind you, you may not find the triangle, but only the fuel symbol without any accompaniment.

This means that in that case you should do it the old way: a quick glance in the side mirror or simply remember it before you get in the car. After all, nobody likes being with the fuel cap on the wrong side while refueling: the pump hose is fortunately very long, but better to avoid making a fool of yourself.

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