Have you ever seen the secret compartment on the back doors?

Car manufacturers find them all, the further we go, the more amazing and interesting news pops up. On many machines, modern and classic, there are secret compartments that are hardly noticeable, unless you have a very keen eye.

Secret compartment in the car
Secret compartment in the car – Motori.News

For example on the gearbox of the Golf GTI, there is a very characteristic detail, i.e. a golf ball that has been added to the top of the lever.

Obviously it is a detail that does not make the difference, so the car and the gearbox work the same way, but it is an aesthetic detail that makes the car much more beautiful.

The detail that does not escape, the secret compartment of the Skoda

But there is a detail that instead recalls the Skoda which not everyone knows but which can be more than useful on many occasions. It is a secret compartment where you can hide, put down or arrange the umbrella. It may seem like something superfluous but it is not, because in this way you avoid putting it in the car creating chaos and confusion, dirtying or wet the upholstery, carpets included.

This is a compartment that not everyone has noticed over the years, but that those who know him have greatly appreciated because it is quite practical. To say it are not only the Italians but also the British who never leave the house, without an umbrella.


Other useful compartments found on new and older cars

This is not only the practical and useful compartment on the machines, there is also the hook that allows you to hang the bag, whatever it is, that of a woman or that of the grocery store, it makes no difference. This compartment is offered by Nissan. In particular, the Nissan Almera comes directly from the 90s and serves as a model for new ones. To prevent the contents of the bag from spilling on the passenger side, on the upholstery, on the rear seats, instead of putting the shopping bag around, we use the hook on the dashboard.

Then there is another small detail that unfortunately does not belong to all cars but which should now be part of any vehicle. This is the tailgate of the car that opens from below, or a second coverage integrated with the main one. Many will wonder what it can be for. In reality it is very useful because if some car were to park right behind ours, opening the tailgate could be difficult if not impossible. Instead, with the second opening integrated at the base, the problem is solved. It is not known how and why few car manufacturers still apply this system.

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