Have you ever noticed these ovoid devices above traffic lights? If you get caught it’s trouble

Some devices on Italian roads are not always clear to everyone and often arouse misunderstandings. But what are the ovoid-shaped objects positioned above the traffic lights for? Here’s everything you need to know!

Ovaloid devices above traffic lights
Ovaloid devices above the – Motori.news

When you arrive near an intersection it is a good rule to always pay maximum attention to the color present. Green indicates that you can pass safely, while red forces you to stop. Finally, yellow or orange is a warning about the transition between green and red, a clear sign that you will soon be forced to stop! But what is present on some specific traffic lights? Here are all the details on some ovoid devices!

This traffic light color convention is universally present in all countries of the world, in such a way that it never creates misunderstandings. Respect for the various colors is essential to never cause problems or serious accidents in an intersection! Anyone who does not respect the rules and goes red risks a very heavy penalty and 6 points removed from the license!

Police officers use some fixed cameras to ‘track’ offenders! Until recently, these devices were not present, but with the succession of accidents, it was not possible to do anything but equip the traffic lights on some dangerous or long-distance roads with cameras!

The latest generation cameras are based on the T-red system, that is, an electronic device consisting of various cameras, one for each carriageway. Such cameras allow you to detect the license plates of cars that pass with red or that stop beyond the stop line! But what are the ovoid devices placed on traffic lights? Here are the details on these appliances!

Ovoid devices on traffic lights: that’s all there is to know about these bizarre devices!

Not all cameras placed above traffic lights have the specific function of punishing violators of this very important road rule. On some traffic lightsindeed, smaller and ovoid-shaped devices are placed, which have a particular purpose and not always known to everyone! Here’s everything you need to know about these devices!

Ovoid camera
Ovoid-shaped camera on traffic lights: that’s what it’s for – Motori.News

Not all electronic devices placed on traffic lights, therefore, are used to photograph the license plate of the motorist passing by in red! The small ovoid-shaped devices are for traffic control only! Obviously, they are also deterrents for those who ‘want’ to go red! In fact, this feature is largely unknown to most motorists!

In practice, the egg-shaped devices are used to help understand how many cars travel on certain roads in the various days and at the various time slots. They have the purpose, therefore, to generate statistics and to evaluate how busy a road is or not!

Some municipalities also use these ovoid-shaped cameras to ‘scare’ the bad guys and car thieves or those who operate in apartments. In fact, the cameras can film the thief at any time! At other times, moreover, they are installed at the beginning of the ZTL zones to evaluate the actual passage in order of the vehicles authorized for transit!

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