The new speed cameras are coming, goodbye to the old cassette format: these will screw you right away

Speed ​​cameras are much feared devices by millions of motorists. They are used to ‘catch’ those who go beyond the speed limits permitted on certain roads. But in the last period new even more technological and reliable devices have come into action as far as monitoring is concerned. What is there to know? Here are all the details!

New speed cameras
New speed cameras – Motori.News

The bogeyman Speed ​​Cameras it is truly feared by all. Every day, in fact, thousands and thousands of fines are notified to motorists who are caught exceeding speed limits. These devices are – in most cases – fixed and active both day and night!

Speed ​​cameras must always be reported in advance by means of specific road signs on both carriageways. In addition, they must be perfectly visible and recognizable by drivers behind the wheel. A device that is not signaled, not visible or not perfectly calibrated can be the subject of appeals by motorists!

In fact, there are many cases of invalid fines notified at home! Therefore, always pay attention to all these aspects! Normally, speed cameras are placed on the roadside and have a column structure with a blue or orange colored box, depending on their functionality.

The Autovelox photographs the license plate of the car passing beyond the limits permitted by law, through a double laser source capable of emitting pulses of infrared light!

But do you know that in the last period some particular speed cameras have come into operation and with a completely different format than what we are used to seeing? Here’s everything you need to know about these new speed control devices!

New Speed ​​Cameras: here is their particular format and everything you need to know!

New Speed ​​Cameras that have recently come into action are called Velocar, taking its name from the Mantuan company that produces these road speed control devices! But what kind of format do they have? How do they work? Here’s everything you need to know about it!

Velocar, the new speed cameras with a completely different format than the classic devices – Motori.News

This monitoring system has been approved and homologated by the Ministry of Infrastructure and has the full name of Velocar Red & Speed ​​EVO. This device is not placed in the boxes placed on the roadside columnsas we are used to knowing, but it is placed at a height of three meters! But how does it work?

The Velocar is placed high on a pole e – as with normal speed cameras – it must be perfectly signaled to all motorists in transit on the road affected by the monitoring!

This device is active day and night and has a state-of-the-art camera capable of photographing car license plates on 3 carriageways at the same time and up to about 30 meters. A technology that discourages motorists from reducing speed at the last minute or accelerating after passing the ‘obstacle’! As with speed cameras, speed tolerance is 5 km / h for Velocars too!

The Tuscan capital of Florence is already invaded by these new Velocars, which are creating controversy for the many fines rained on thousands of motorists. In all likelihood, they will soon be extended to all areas of Italy. Hard times for those who push the accelerator!

New speed cameras
The new speed camera that terrifies millions of Italians – Motori.News

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