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There is now a revolutionary way out for the horrendous car fines that annoy Italians. When you have a car, the costs are many, but one of the most annoying is that of fines.

Unpaid fines
Unpaid fines – Motori.News

Taxes, insurance, spare parts: having a car involves constant expenses, especially with inflation that can no longer keep up with the expense.

Goodbye to car fines

Since the beginning of high inflation early 2022families are no longer in control and unable to move forward.

Auto fines –

Just think that they are there 5 million families who can no longer afford to pay their electricity or gas bills, imagine the difficulty of how they could pay the car fines. The situation in Italy is becoming more and more serious, which is why with the arrival of new rules today, they could make us say goodbye to car fines.

Today, in fact, financial institutions have understood that it makes no sense to continue to torment families who are already unable to make it to the end of the month, and here there are multiple ways to escape fines.

There are several ways to get out of unpaid fines

The non-payment of stamps and fines it can have very serious consequences. So in reality, the great state-approved way out applies not only to fines, but unpaid stamp duty as well. In fact, if the hated stamp duty is not paid, the consequences are very serious.

The sanctions are becoming increasingly severe and at a certain point the actual seizure of the vehicle is triggered. But now Italians can protect themselves from unpaid fines and road taxes. Let’s see some ways to do this together.

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The first way is a Support Decree of the month of May, which effectively cancels all the tax bills for the 10 years from 2000 to 2010.

But the story did not end there, other paths have been added to adhere to this “scrapping”.

New rules to avoid fines

In fact, with the Budget Law of 2019and then no specific rules for subsequent years, action was taken precisely on the measures for the cancellation of the tax bills within a certain amount, such as fines and unpaid stamp duty.

Thus, the legislator has allowed these bills, within certain limits, mainly concerning the world of vehicles and the tax on waste, to suffer a good blow in the sponge. It is really necessary, because too many people are no longer able to cope with the devastating situation in which Italy finds itself.

But before we can claim victory, we need to be clear about one thing. The tax decree it will be complex. The abolition of fines will not affect all fines, but only those imposed for a certain period of time and accumulated arrears. In any case, significant savings are expected for those who have failed to pay off old payments.

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