ZTL, what happens if you pass several times in the same day?

There are many doubts and perplexities about the ZTL. For example, the question arises: do motorists who enter the ZTL at short notice, without having the authorization, commit many offenses that can be punished or only one?

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Obviously they don’t respect the according to article 7 of the highway code for which they are punishable, never in what way? It happens to enter a ZTL without realizing that you have done so, especially when you are distracted. Sometimes you notice in time, others only later, others only when the fine arrives and at this point, you need to inquire about what to do especially if the accounts do not add up.

The offender must pay for every single violation or a single report that collects them all? Let’s try to answer some questions on a very problematic issue.

Ztl, here’s what they are for and what can happen if the law is violated

The ZTL is an area where access is limited only to certain categories of vehicles and in particular time slots established by law. In this way we try to reduce traffic in central areas to safeguard the quality of life and air and in some way favor trade.

Indeed one of the many objectives is to encourage the use of public transport and bicycles, reducing air or noise pollution. According to article 198 of the Highway Code, if more violations involving administrative penalties occur, the transgressor is obliged to pay only one penalty.

Article 8 bis paragraph 4 of Law 689/1981 establishes that in the presence of several violations, those subsequent to the first cannot be evaluated as a reiteration only when they are committed at approaching times. This means that if the driver enters and exits a ZTL a few minutes awaywithout having the permits to do so, he is forced to pay a single fine and not two.


The decision of the Court of Cassation by order of 11/09/2018

The Court of Cassation also raised this issue with the order of 11 September 2018, stating that every assessment does not necessarily have to correspond to a contravention. Should the driver receive a fine directly at home for unauthorized entry and exit from the ZTL, he can challenge it and appeal to the justice of the peace within one month, or to the prefect within two months, contesting the fine.

If the violations they occurred in a short period of timethe justice of the peace will evaluate the situation trying to consider it as a single transgression and therefore going to apply only a fine.

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